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In the beginning

by 8-bit adventurer

pixel art In the beginning by 8-bit adventurer piq
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14 January 2016 23:12
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A story. Inspired by the workings of the almighty TMan. (Author's Note: I will eventually include the names(tags) of some users on the site with your consent. Please sign up by commenting if you wish to be included.)
In the beginning, there was a villager. His name was Daniel. Daniel was not happy with his village. He didn't see the camaraderie and fellowship among his fellow villagers that he hoped one day to find for himself. So when Daniel was older, he escaped the village in the cold of winter to strike out on his own. He was set on creating a community where people could flourish. An oasis of artistic ability.
He found what seemed to be the perfect spot, and after months of planning, he started construction. It was no easy feat. There were trials and setbacks and the work was long and grueling, but finally, a year later the town was born. But Daniel wasn't done. No sir, his work had just begun. He had yet to gather the most important aspect of any up and coming village. Villagers! So he left his little settlement (if only for a little while) to find neighboring villages where perhaps people would be willing to move. To his surprise, everyone loved the idea! He gathered quite the following and when he finally returned to the village, he had the makings of his very own community. buildings sprung up all around and people gathered in the gallery every day to discuss events and display their artistic expertise.
But something was missing. The people felt sure that there could be a better way to express their individuality. They went to Daniel in search of advice. Unbeknownst to them, Daniel had already discovered the problem and was working hard to remedy it. He finally decided after months of research that it would be best to let the people create galleries of their own and display their personal work within them. Each gallery had a different name that the people were free to choose for themselves. The biggest problem at hand was solved!
But still (as with any blossoming community, problems arose. Hideous vagabonds were flooding in from all around to rob the prosperous city and leave the people heartbroken. Daniel was no stranger to the charlatans though, and he elected moderators to keep the peace. There were three among them. A system that ensured the moderators would not be overwhelmed with their new-found power. It was a success! The people were happy and the moderators did their jobs as well as they could.
Until of course yet another problem arose. Daniel went missing! The people went to codeus mansion to discover what had happened to Daniel only to find it boarded up. Daniel was nowhere to be found and all but the moderators forgot about him...
(The story ends here but a sequel is near at hand)


Could I be included with my two ocs? (Dan (the student ninja like person with elemential powers) and Morbid? (The shadow being that is the teacher, but has some disasterous secrets)
by DanTreeBow, 15 January 2016 00:29
Can Disc (the idiot who can duplicate) be included? Probably not but whatever...
by DudeManGuy001, 15 January 2016 00:34
Dan I can certainly put you in... I don't know about ocs. And Dude who is Disc?
by 8-bit adventurer, 15 January 2016 01:26
Oc's are made up characters used mainly on internet
by DanTreeBow, 15 January 2016 01:28
XD I know what an oc is I just don't want to start including them in this particular story
by 8-bit adventurer, 15 January 2016 01:35
by DanTreeBow, 15 January 2016 01:36
by 8-bit adventurer, 15 January 2016 01:37

(Undertale ref.)
by DanTreeBow, 15 January 2016 01:38
Okay then can I (DudeManGuy001) be in it?
by DudeManGuy001, 15 January 2016 01:39
by 8-bit adventurer, 15 January 2016 03:10
hmm if i were to encounter daniel it would be when i was young and small
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 15 January 2016 03:13
(basically im asking [or begging] to get in )
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 15 January 2016 03:13
K :D
by 8-bit adventurer, 15 January 2016 19:21
:D thank you!
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 15 January 2016 19:27
im confused.... dont wory! i read the desc.............. just still rly confused :|
by CornBeanSoup, 15 January 2016 23:41
Daniel is the creator and only admin on this site :) when the site was first opened people werent allowed to make their own accounts. Everyone was a someone
by 8-bit adventurer, 16 January 2016 00:04
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