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Heroes, UNITE!

by darklord

branched from by pixelfish

pixel art Heroes, UNITE! sheep hero fish blackhat collab lol collaboration dark adventure lord heroes Pixel xternalmerc by darklord piq
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12 May 2012 20:43
colour distribution

Collab by Sheep!

thanks goes to: Pixel fish, Blackhat, Cave Robot, and Xternalmerc for filling in the missing heroes


Too bad there isn't an Archer.
by blackhat, 12 May 2012 20:57
This is truly epic! Needs it's own comic-book and blockbuster movie, not to mention merchandising.
by Watchet, 12 May 2012 21:08
Now that looks like a fine fighting force! :D
by xternalmerc, 12 May 2012 21:28
You know, I ALMOST drew an archer, but decided against it.
by xternalmerc, 13 May 2012 03:18
7 heroes together ! :D
by pixelfish, 13 May 2012 08:57
Cool picture sheep.
by xternalmerc, 13 May 2012 09:03
okay...now we need ....
by Sheep, 13 May 2012 12:10
bosses ?
by pixelfish, 13 May 2012 13:06
good idia and btw i drw my hero
in a other style here:http://s14.directupload.net/file/d/2889/8jsq7qej_jpg.htm#
by Sheep, 13 May 2012 14:24
okay i try to draw this pic in that style :O!!
by Sheep, 13 May 2012 16:13
I almost think we should give sheeps hero a bow
(or maybe a crossbow?)
by darklord, 13 May 2012 16:18
Levels would be cool... or maybe even a story. Whatever you do don't forget to have fun with it.
by Watchet, 13 May 2012 18:34
Keep up these good drawings :D
by pixelfish, 13 May 2012 19:22
Those drawings of yours, Sheep, are really kewl.
by CaveRobot, 13 May 2012 19:24
Nice link there, picture looks epic! :D
by xternalmerc, 13 May 2012 19:32
@Sheep: Awesome!
Awesome piq too, everyone did a great job!
by wolfgirl456, 13 May 2012 20:12
I see Fumblemore and Honeydew, but where's BlueXephos?

(kidding, I don't thing FM and Honeydew were intended to be there.)
by AvianAvenger, 24 June 2012 18:32
Yeah avain wizards just look good in blue, and dwarfs just NEED orange beards
by darklord, 04 July 2012 01:29
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