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Why Not: Mark 2

by Lumpkins

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pixel art Why Not: Mark 2 by Lumpkins piq
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08 December 2015 17:54
colour distribution

i hate these self promoted contest things, i think its a bit of a attention barter tool and its a bit overused. that being said im severly lacking motivation at the moment and like this a whole lot more than taking requests. so even though it had absolutley 0 success last time, lets try another contest about Aphal. same rules apply as last time, being just as vauge. read some lore about my fictional mythos of Aphal, and use any refrence point you like to make a piece based off of it. again its very open to interpretation and you can draw anything you read as you personally percieve it so thiers alot of creative freedom. if your looking for refrence search "Aphal" in the gallery search and there you'll find a collection of some of the lore pictures ive written. top winner will recieve a custom made profile picture, or collab picture if you'r already satisfied with your own, and a series of likes i suppose. ill also do custom profile pictures for the next 2 in accordance with my judgment of quality. good luck to anyone willing to give it a shot, it means alot to have people read the material i write and nothing delights me more than talking about it so if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments of this piq.


I'll try.
by Kni, 08 December 2015 17:55
it would be greatly appreciated, you have a cool style ide love to see brought to the table :)
by Lumpkins, 08 December 2015 17:57
My style changes like everytime I draw something, I don't have a style.
by Kni, 08 December 2015 17:58
Preaching to the quire on that one bud, ive been so scattered and unfocused in my style lately i might as well just puke on any dreams of a consistent portfolio.
by Lumpkins, 08 December 2015 17:59
I will also try... just give me a little while...
by 8-bit adventurer, 08 December 2015 22:50
How long will this contest be open?
by LouieLeftEar, 09 December 2015 00:23
depends. i doubt it will have to have a closed date as im sure if i get any entries it will be fairly slow. for now though ill say if i can get 10 ill pass judgement, and if any more come along after that and are equal or greater in quality of the winners ill fulfil the same win conditions.
by Lumpkins, 09 December 2015 00:27
Okay, I'll get to reading up on your expansive world of Aphal
by LouieLeftEar, 09 December 2015 00:35
wonderful. let me know if you have any questions.
by Lumpkins, 09 December 2015 00:36
One quick question, which I think you already answered I just want the reassurance, Can we remake or create our own renditions of your Aphal characters and/or create new ones?
by LouieLeftEar, 09 December 2015 00:44
you most certainly can, as long as it somehow ties back in any fashion it is applicable for entry.
by Lumpkins, 09 December 2015 00:47
Of course I would keep it lore friendly, thanks
by LouieLeftEar, 09 December 2015 00:49
thought this was mortal kombat dammit
by Lieutenant Disaster, 09 December 2015 04:18
pfff those dumbies didnt even spell combat rite!
by Lumpkins, 09 December 2015 05:32
I thought it was mortal kombat too omg
by Kni, 09 December 2015 06:01
hey kendra, ya goof, why'd you like this its just lame flame letters and mortal combat 2 xD
by Lumpkins, 09 December 2015 14:05
yes dis piq rocks
by jumpingjolly, 09 December 2015 14:08
Can I do this on the weekend?
by Kni, 09 December 2015 18:10
i dont really have a deadline so by all means.
by Lumpkins, 09 December 2015 18:13
if its become a hassle or pain for anyone ill probably just end up cancelling it like last time, i understand you people got things to do. :)
by Lumpkins, 09 December 2015 20:55
by jumpingjolly, 09 December 2015 21:21
No it'll be fun, I just gotta do it on the weekend like I usually do with these things

by Kni, 09 December 2015 22:45
I pretty much never draw anything good during the week
by 8-bit adventurer, 09 December 2015 22:49
Ok keep trying
by jumpingjolly, 09 December 2015 22:57
Even if the contest doesn't prevail, I'm def making that art.

Next time annouce it on thursday though, right before the weekend
by Kni, 11 December 2015 07:57
yeah i think its safe to call this over at this point.
by Lumpkins, 13 December 2015 00:44
Well I'm still hype for drawing that thing
by Kni, 13 December 2015 01:28
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