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by xternalmerc

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pixel art War blue helmet wire contest flag gun stripes blockades american barb red stars m16 white america War xternalmerc by xternalmerc piq
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05 May 2012 21:49
colour distribution

War, where boys become men, where friends are gained and lost, where bonds are forged, where victory is able to be obtained, but loss is easier gained. This is war.


Actually, I am the person who drew this. I was just signed out.
by xternalmerc, 05 May 2012 22:05
by poonadz, 06 May 2012 10:35
You have to type &heartz; but with a s not a z.
by xternalmerc, 06 May 2012 10:54

This is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! And epiclyawesomesaucewithanepicfaceontopforeveraloneishappybecausehefoundsomeoneexpidaliocious!
Oh and the music note you wanted to make... I can't make it because I have a Mac, but if you are on a Windows and press Alt + 5 (i think it's 5 but you can try other numbers too!) to get the music note.
by wolfgirl456, 06 May 2012 11:40
it's Alt + 6 not 5
by wolfgirl456, 06 May 2012 11:41
Thank you very much Wolfgirl, for both the complement on the picture and the instructions. :D
by xternalmerc, 06 May 2012 11:48
Thank you. you should ♥ it.
by xternalmerc, 06 May 2012 16:49
i just andhearts' it
by poonadz, 06 May 2012 16:52
[this comment was deleted]
by poonadz, 06 May 2012 16:52
[this comment was deleted]
by pixelover, 07 May 2012 23:39
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