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by caleb7447

pixel art Cravings by caleb7447 piq
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21 November 2015 01:35
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So I've been gone FOREVER and I wanted to come back and update a little bit. So I'm now I'm wrestling and because of that I can't eat very much so I can get into the right weight class. The biggest reason I stopped "piquing" is because I finally started going to public school!!! But anyways because of wrestling I have been craving pizza and silly things like that. Got my first kiss... kinda :/ So basically me and this girl were chilling and walking around school when she told me to stop, and before I even knew what was going on she kissed me, it was pretty gr8. Not as awesome as I originally hoped so I'm not counting this as my first kiss because I didn't even know what happened. Ok forget that part remove that information from your small brains. She was a slut and ditched me for some other guy the next day ;-;. Back to cravings I have been craving a manly camping trip to relax a little. I don't know why that is important but I don't care. I've been growing a lot and I'm actually beginning to become a strapping young lad. Sadly I am not a enough a player to go out with any of the girls that like me but that's besides the point. I just feel like more alive lately since school started partly because I am finally getting my social life. I might start drawing a little more but nothing consistent for a while.

Feel free to ask some questions about my life (nobody cares enough about me for that).

Oh yeah refs are still important:https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b7/12/47/b7124701b05f53f23ee0ed7433597bfb.jpg


Dude we talked about this on
hanguts, so I don't really know what to say. ewe
by dafunkyemo, 21 November 2015 02:41
awesome as evah
also hope you're enjoying public school >u<
by creeperslayer098, 21 November 2015 13:51
Awesome your back :D
Cant wait to see your art!
Missed it so much O>O
by Popcornforme8000, 21 November 2015 17:50
me too
by TronPotato, 09 December 2015 15:13
i got kissed too
it was gr8
by THeBig Doody, 19 December 2015 02:11
Dates please. E-E
by dafunkyemo, 19 December 2015 02:27
[this comment was deleted by potatomunchster]
by potatomunchster, 05 April 2016 18:20
have you found a non slut lady yet
by potatomunchster, 05 April 2016 18:21
Dates. e-e
by dafunkyemo, 05 April 2016 19:37
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