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Timeline of Aphal

by Lumpkins

pixel art Timeline of Aphal Aphal by Lumpkins piq
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29 October 2015 17:35
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This is pretty vauge but highlights the major events timelined within Aphal.
PRE-AGE: there is noting, eventually 2 rocks form and collide to create Allunas the great flame who creates Aphal, the world, and 3 spirits to create life, they create Nature, Beasts, and Mankind respectively.
THE 1ST AGE: the first man Centinuus overcomes beasts dominance on Aphal, Allunas loves mankind a lot and the spirit that made beasts gets jeleaous so he creates Wyverns (Dragons) but one dragon, Exandese, becomes way too strong and kills the Spirit that made him, challenging even Allunas himself, they fight, Allunas wins but nearly destroys Aphal and has to sacrifice himself to save it.
THE DARK AGE: Mankind struggles to remake colony's after nearly dying to Wyverns. few records are kept of this time.
THE 2ND AGE: Allunas contacts some prophets and they track down the son of Centinuus, Midlon, he accepts the role as king and begins unifying nearby colonys, eventually he has to fight another upcoming kingdom called Ustagrad, he wins and becomes Emperor of Unitine, unifying the known world.
THE 3RD AGE: A mysterious prophet causes a couple major conflicts that divide the armys of Unitine, then as Midlon dies, his hier Divdol gets killed by a Wyvern. everyone's freaking out because Wyverns are supposed to be dead and civil war is brewing because no one can decide the next Emperor.
THE 4TH AGE: Kain, this badass dude, kills the Wyvern and everyone decides he can be Emperor based on divine will because he managed to kill a Wyvern, Kain sets up the Arcwin dynasty that will rule for the next long while.
THE 5TH AGE: Kain's son discovers the large continent known as the Aest and begins settling it, kain has a mostly peaceful reign until his death leaving the Empire to his son. not a lot happens in the grand scale this age.
THE 6TH AGE: Gailenfall rebels lead by king Finris who has Void-Magic, the mysterious prohet from earlier is behind it and it turns out he works for the Wyverns and is immortal. the Empire faces serious thread and the other provinces don't know who to back, so the Empire says if they fight for them they get their freedom, so they do and the Empire is split up.
THE 7TH AGE: whats left of Unitine begins recovering from Gailenfalls devastating rebellion, finishing off rebel forces, while the newly independent provinces begin establishing their own relations outside of the Empire.
THE 8TH AGE: Lichun, a Magus, unleashes a undead horde he had been making underground for 40 years and declares war on humanity, the empire fights back until eventually Lichun emerges himself as a flesh golem and wrecks some shit until they erupt a volcano on him, Wyvern prophet steals some Wyvern remains from Lichun and 2 former provinces unite to form the Stonestaln Union.
THE 9TH AGE: the world recovers from getting pretty fucked up by undead, Radical's attempt to resurrect Allunas resulting in the mainland continent being split in half, and some magnificent architecture like the Wall of Goroth, Cathedral of Antasia, and Bridges of Shinji are made.
The 10TH AGE: The Wyvern Prophet resurrects a Wyvern, and makes some undead, and uses some cultists to lead a major assault upon Aphal, they manage to demolish tonnes of resistance and make it to the capitol of the Unitine Empire, where the Wyvern prophet is killed and they are just barley repelled.
THE 11TH AGE: the resurrected Wyvern recruits some new followers, Blue Linunkin, Figun Worshipers, and more undead, and re-assaults Unitine after resurrecting the Wyvern prophet, eventually the Wyvern prophet, even in his undead hollow shell at the 11th hour regains his humanity and atones for his actions by striking down the Undead Wyvern and saving all of Aphal.
after that its basically just more recovering, a fucktonne of people are dead.
THE 12TH AGE: the Emperor of Unitine dies with no sons, a big civil war starts in Unitine and at the end Davin Callistar wins but Unitine is fractured even further becoming Gimson and Wave'avn. Arloche separates from the Stonestaln union in rebellion and becomes independent again, a lot of people bid on power in other kingdoms like Graygust.
THE 13TH AGE: Alphim the Cold kills a lot of people to claim the throne of Gimson, and wars against former allies expanding Gimsons territory. Newly indipendant Arloche attempts to peace keep but ends up sending mercenary's who accidentally burn down Unitines old capitol Antasia, Gimson readies for war against Arloche then Alphim dies leaving Gimson to his son Verim.
THE 14TH AGE: Verim makes peace on all fronts, compromising what Alphim warred for, some don't like this so Verim is assassinated, leaving his wife Eraine to become Queen regent since she has his child. Stonestaln's Prince accidentally awakens ancient beasts which terrorize the area.
THE 15TH AGE:The son of Verim and Eraine, Aerim, becomes king of Gimson, a dude named Rothis conquers alot of shit but is defeated by Aerim but most of his conquered land is given to Halasphora.
THE 16TH AGE: Aerim leads a Crusade to liberate the conquered lands of Halasphora and succedes granting independence to Ebas and Grayle.


cool man i wish i could do that
by DarkEmber, 29 October 2015 17:46
Appreciate the notion friend.
by Lumpkins, 29 October 2015 17:48
paragraphs, my friend. paragraphs.
by KingKarl, 29 October 2015 18:36
by Lumpkins, 29 October 2015 18:46
and massage my feet whilst you´re at it, friend.

or perhaps i should say "would you kindly" instead.
by KingKarl, 29 October 2015 18:50
by Lumpkins, 29 October 2015 18:52
seriously tho, now some of the literary lazies are more likely to read and be intrigued.

laziness is what makes people unlikely to read.

by KingKarl, 29 October 2015 18:52
im hoping this is a tad more accessible to the "less patient" patrons.
by Lumpkins, 29 October 2015 18:55
Dang that looks cool.
by TREX2219, 29 October 2015 20:26
appreciate it.
by Lumpkins, 29 October 2015 20:30
hmm this aphal puzzles me more and more as i learn more about it
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 29 October 2015 21:36
this timeline should help place some of the storys ive told using common reference points.
by Lumpkins, 29 October 2015 21:40
ah ok then that makes more sense now
by TERRARIAN ARTIST , 29 October 2015 21:41
well this is helpful


Beacause I really didn't feel like going on a reading spree of every piq
by Kni, 02 November 2015 02:40
fair enough
by Lumpkins, 02 November 2015 02:49
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