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Blood Reaver

by darklord

branched from by darklord

pixel art Blood Reaver lance AQ AQW off spear worlds Reaver rip LOL an Dark mace quest Blood Sword axe Not Lord River adventure by darklord piq
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29 April 2012 22:42
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Not an AQW rip-off LOL
The gem in the hilt of this sword was found at the bottom of a river from which a woman was murdered as she filled her water pail, to cook supper for her little sister.
"Amanda will you play with me?!"
"No little Emily, I need to go cook supper stay here please, I'll be back soon"
And Little sister Emily ran outside, but amanda knew she would be back for supper...
When she did arrive back Amanda was not in the kitchen, or anywhere to be seen, and Little Emily knew she had lied to her, she knew she had left her to starve alone. Emily would cook for herself, but only burnt herself on the stove, and cut her hands with the knifes...
so she ran to the river to drown herself. But when she saw Amanda, she killed her with the fire and knifes inside her hands not knowing she had been fetching water... When she realized her mistake she threw herself into the water to save her sister, and found the red gem...
22 years later she had sold the gem to a very old, old looking woman, and became very wealthy, and had many husbands.
One day a slave during TEA TIME a slave rung the bell and said "Miss Emily their is a package for you at the door" "Don't interupt me when it's TEA TIME" The slave did not respond, but a knock on the door the scattering of foot steps.
"WHO IS IT?" Demanded Emily their was no one there but a long, heavy package and a pail of bloody water...



Nice story of a crazy girl. But why is the gem on the hilt of a swo- lance?
by ThatEvilThing, 06 May 2012 21:08
IDK I guess the gems evil powers flow through the hilt (and the hands of the user) and THEN through the blade increasing the enchantment... Don't ask me, ask Amanda... Well? She's waiting for you to ask...
by darklord, 06 May 2012 21:14
Hey Amanda why is your gem on a lance/sword? If you don't answer me I'll just turn you into a blind, mute frog...
by ThatEvilThing, 06 May 2012 21:17
...The gem isn't JUST ON A SWORD Amanda wouldn't give it away like that...

She probably still has it with her...

Swords only talk in one way you know...
by darklord, 06 May 2012 21:25
Well, I was answered(I think), so now let the frog turning begin!
by ThatEvilThing, 07 May 2012 03:31
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