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Treating the patient...

by BlackDragon

branched from by BlackDragon

pixel art Treating the patient... poke medieval doctor BlackDragon plague black and white by BlackDragon piq
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27 April 2012 18:14
colour distribution

'Seems dead...'
'Hmm... Let's poke him a bit anyway...'


Your here!
This is awesome :) I like the look of the B & W!
by wolfgirl456, 27 April 2012 18:15
Thanks! I did this for the medieval contest but somehow it didn't allow me to enter. :/ I'm still hoping it can be fixed...
by BlackDragon, 28 April 2012 09:28
by yapshuter63, 28 April 2012 10:12
Thanks yapshuter63!
by BlackDragon, 28 April 2012 18:37
Awsome work anyway! You are one of the best artist here!
by mu-do, 28 April 2012 18:40
Thank you very much mu-do! :) IMO this is one of the best pics I've drawn with piq.
by BlackDragon, 28 April 2012 19:11
My eyes fell out. *sighs* Again.
by OceanWings, 29 April 2012 16:54
I still think your best are the dino eye and the pirate coin, BD :)
by wolfgirl456, 29 April 2012 19:33
@wg: That's why I said 'one of the best'... ;) The reason I like this is that it's a full scene, not just some 'object' on a one-color background as in many of my other pics. (I've always been a bit lazy with backgrounds... ;P)
by BlackDragon, 30 April 2012 02:39
Ah! I see. Then it is one of your best ;)
by wolfgirl456, 30 April 2012 15:43
tres bien! looks awesome!!
by Shadovwolf, 30 August 2012 22:39
Thanks! :)
by BlackDragon, 31 August 2012 10:50
by PixelSnake, 11 November 2012 13:30
2 black spies?!
by mvance, 18 February 2013 02:00
@mvance, Nope. Plague doctors.

Also, I may seem a bit nitpicky, but Plague Doctors didn't "Treat patients." They were holymen. Who happened to be among the survivors of the Black Plague because of their clothes. they were less likely to get the plague because their whole body was covered.
by AvianAvenger, 02 April 2013 16:26
Well actually, plague doctors did treat patients (eventhough the treatments probably didn't help a bit). Anyway, you are right that they weren't real doctors but holymen.
by BlackDragon, 03 April 2013 15:08
AC reference (I think) nice piq :D
by someone, 31 July 2013 03:07
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