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roblox fails in progress

by Super_Hadron

branched from by jmgandalf

 roblox fails in progress
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26 April 2012 21:10
colour distribution


You... Wrote Minecraft on the piq, but Roblox on the title.
by wolfgirl456, 27 April 2012 02:45
i hate Roblox.
by AvianAvenger, 27 April 2012 09:31
its supposed be a window saying why minecraft won't load. notch is too busy pwning builderman cause roblox sux
by Super_Hadron, 27 April 2012 16:45
im giving up on this. roblox sux so bad its not worth it
by Super_Hadron, 27 April 2012 18:56
Oh. Builderman always looks different, every time I log onto Roblox for no reason... (i can't play roblox anymore, new computer. but my friend has it and she used to play it a lot... it was scary how obbsessed she was...)
by wolfgirl456, 28 April 2012 00:43
same with my friend Jake, WG.
by AvianAvenger, 28 April 2012 14:58
ROBLOX is awesome if you are good at building or coding.
by Narwhal Picasso, 23 June 2012 02:42
I still think Blockland is better. less N00Bs more experienced eventers, less RP servers, easier to install mods.
by AvianAvenger, 23 June 2012 16:23
Lua fails horribly. Go Java!
by someone, 25 June 2012 01:30
Lua fails horribly. Go Java!
by someone, 25 June 2012 01:32
Narwhal, if you are good at building play Minecraft. If you are good at coding stop playing roblox and program something people will appreciate on Java or C++
by Super_Hadron, 03 July 2012 15:47
Lua is amazing, if you know how it works. Java fails at running things with any more than two dimensions. Lua is the way to go if you want 3-d physics. It's easier to make bumpmaps in.
by AvianAvenger, 03 July 2012 16:26
Lua is for beginners. Otherwise, Lua fails compared to Java. Minecraft is mostly Java. Runescape is Java and Runescape is really good and really popular.
by Super_Hadron, 03 July 2012 19:35
I'd rather use Gamemaker 8.1 to make a game because really, the games from that are better than anything I've seen on roblox.
by Super_Hadron, 03 July 2012 19:37
runescape is GOOD?!?! Science when?
by AvianAvenger, 09 July 2012 14:48
I play Minecraft too. I like both, but I like Roblox a bit more.
by Narwhal Picasso, 09 July 2012 16:03
@Narwhal, roblox sux.
@Avian, okay it's not good. I dont't really like it.
I changed my mind about Lua. I like Lua. I use Lua. But Lua on roblox is horrible.
by Super_Hadron, 17 September 2012 16:57
... personally I prefer sauerbraten to any of those games, but thats just me
by Shadovwolf, 17 September 2012 17:05
Roblox is sh!t, the new Blockland is sh!t, and Minecraft isn't too great without mods, such as Tekkit.
by AvianAvenger, 17 September 2012 22:08
I think you are 99.9% right. Minecraft without mods isn't total shit, but it is kind of crappy
by Super_Hadron, 18 September 2012 00:20
OMG finally someone who agrees. Without mods Minecraft is worthless after 10 minutes!
by ryph, 14 March 2013 17:45
Uhm... No. If you're playing on the current version, you can do a metric shit-ton more than you could in the Alpha release.
by AvianAvenger, 14 March 2013 21:03
@Ryph, that's not what I said. You must have no creativity or brains to get bored of minecraft in 10 minutes. The lat time I played minecraft, the best you could do without mods was build a piston door, unless you're disco.
by Super_Hadron, 15 March 2013 00:04
by Super_Hadron, 15 March 2013 00:04
I was exaggerating. Its more like 2 weeks.
by ryph, 15 March 2013 00:06
by Jenna Kawaii, 12 August 2013 01:37
Good job being below average IQ, Jenna Kawaii.
by AvianAvenger, 12 August 2013 21:27
by Super_Hadron, 13 August 2013 01:18
LOL I have a good IQ or whatever.... ROBLOX will always be awesome IDC if it's copied or if most people on Piq like other things more! :I It's awesome.
by kawaii star bear, 20 August 2013 03:55
"IQ or whatever" Not only are you an idiot, but you don't even have any reasons why roblox is so amazing in your opinion. Maybe if you gave an actual reason, I might see something positive about roblox. Probably not :/
by Super_Hadron, 20 August 2013 17:29
Hmmm... I might finish this one day. Maybe...
by Super_Hadron, 20 August 2013 17:31
Maybe if you tried some other games as opposed to ratting on things without trying them you'd change your opinion and not be a grepping idiot.
by AvianAvenger, 20 August 2013 18:17
Stop arguing about Roblox over minecraft
Roblox is completely different thing from minecraft nuff said
by Annonymous, 20 August 2013 18:19
If someone likes roblox, that's their opinion. It has nothing to do with your IQ. I honestly don't like Roblox but I'm not blunt enough to compare an opinion to an IQ level.
by Spy Crab, 20 August 2013 18:23
1. Who are you talking to?
2. Good point
3.Good point

by Super_Hadron, 20 August 2013 22:32
Yes, it is a bit harsh, but if you've ever been on any roblox server, you understand what I'm saying when I say that the majority of its player fanbase is a group of complete idiots who 1) cannot spell 2) need to learn to use proper grammar and 3) can't do anything other than sit around and get angry at each other whilst utilizing their lack of grammatical skill.
by AvianAvenger, 21 August 2013 01:05
^Every fanbase has those people, whether they take up 99.999999999% of the fandom, 50% or .0000000001%

The only reason I like Minecraft better is because I heard of it first. Plus, a lot of my friends play Minecraft, and only one plays Roblox (but she doesn't play it anymore).
by Faefae529, 21 August 2013 01:32
Truthfully, there really isn't an argument here. They are completely different games. The answer here is that Minecraft is a good very popular game, and roblox is a bad game and is more childish in my opinion.

@Avian, COD community in a nutshell
by Super_Hadron, 21 August 2013 02:48
I agree with Spy and Anoony.
by kawaii star bear, 22 August 2013 01:41
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