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My Friends' Family Tree


My Friends' Family Tree
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21 April 2012 02:52

So me and my friends made this family tree. The ones that say (N/A) are people whose usernames for the internet I don't know. I mean, we didn't really marry or have kids... It's just for fun :)


Thank you! Now confusing mass of people in your family seems clearer. :D
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 03:00
No problem... I didn't put the friends names who don't have usernames cause I don't know if they'd want me putting their name on here. ;)
wolfgirl456, 21 April 2012 03:12
Do the other people have usernames on PIQ?
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 03:32
wolfgirl456, 21 April 2012 03:50
Ah, alrighty than.
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 03:52
Except for copperspca. She's my best friend and she has 2 piq accounts, "copperspca" and "i love you".
wolfgirl456, 21 April 2012 04:22
Ah, I just might have to check them out.
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 04:25
Hehe, she doesn't come on piq at all xD The copperspca account, she forgot the password, and I don't think she ever uses i love you...
wolfgirl456, 21 April 2012 04:33
Well, maybe "I love you" isn't in her vocabulary.
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 04:50
wolfgirl456, 21 April 2012 04:54
But on a completely serious note, she didn't really have a lot of pictures in the gallery under the ILY profile.
None, to be exact.
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 04:56
In the gallery they dont show piqs by usernames, but by words in the title, description, and tags, so she probably didn't put that in the tags or whatever. She has one piq drawn on ILY account.
wolfgirl456, 21 April 2012 04:59
Oh, vell i didn't knoweth that. Can you give me a linketh, maybe?
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 05:01
HA Heres copperspca.
Can't find I love you. Maybe she posted a comment in my shoutbox.
I might know her password, just a second.
wolfgirl456, 21 April 2012 05:05
Can i be Wifey or Butler Please? :D
Tetsuhiko, 26 April 2012 15:25
OR is it a Real family tree? .D
Tetsuhiko, 26 April 2012 15:26
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