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Weird Al Flankovic


pixel art Weird Al Flankovic little pony friendship is yankovic al accordian music magic weird my songs by xternalmerc piq
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20 April 2012 02:12

The musical genius of Equestria! :D


Jz_Bunnies, 20 April 2012 02:28
XD me gusta!
ShinobiSai, 20 April 2012 02:53
SS: Thank you, glad you like! :D
JZ: What is the question mark for? Is there something you don't get?
xternalmerc, 20 April 2012 14:02
Cute! Is it a tattoo on her a..pple?
mu-do, 20 April 2012 14:57
No, it is a salami or sausage of some sort, because in real life weird al is funny, so in the pony world he has to have a funny cutie mark.
xternalmerc, 20 April 2012 14:58
idk its just. . . kinda random
Jz_Bunnies, 20 April 2012 16:41
Esoteric connections between pony world and ower's.. I'd like to live in a pony world, but i don't know the way.
mu-do, 20 April 2012 16:43
She has russian origins?
mu-do, 20 April 2012 16:44
who has russian origins
Jz_Bunnies, 20 April 2012 16:45
mu-do, 20 April 2012 16:50
Jz_Bunnies, 20 April 2012 16:51
Is she a girl?
mu-do, 20 April 2012 16:57
I thought weird al was was a boy. . . .
Jz_Bunnies, 20 April 2012 16:58
Sissy-pissy musical pony boy.. But i like him!
mu-do, 20 April 2012 17:08
Jz_Bunnies, 20 April 2012 17:09
And where are his jingles?
mu-do, 20 April 2012 17:09
uhh. . . thats akward
Jz_Bunnies, 20 April 2012 17:10
Maybe sausage is the anser..
mu-do, 20 April 2012 17:12
. . .
Jz_Bunnies, 20 April 2012 17:15
Totally mustache and glasses *-*
It was funny and cute at the same time..

Hey, I just realised you spent over an hour making this piq o_o
Good job, you should make another personalities as ponies
kure, 20 April 2012 20:09
Soon i'm going to dissipate my ignorance in a matter of Equestrian Republic. P.S: Sorry, Comrade Flankovic!
mu-do, 20 April 2012 20:27
Soon i'm going to dissipate my ignorance in a matter of Equestrian Republic. P.S: Sorry, Comrade Flankovic!
mu-do, 20 April 2012 20:31
Heh heh heh, Have you ever heard a Weird Al song mu-do? In real life he is male and also a song artist who creates parodies of other songs. He might have Russian origins, but I am unsure. The sausage though, is most definately the answer! 8D
xternalmerc, 20 April 2012 23:07
Nice! I love Weird Al too! Love his polkas and the last albums were so good!

But i prefer his old look, though.
kure, 21 April 2012 01:50
As in human not pony, or as in when he had the mustache and glasses?
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 02:04
I will try. ( I have so far done bat-man and Weird-Al, got any suggestions?)
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 02:12
Hey Kure, if you thought this piq took a while, look at this one. :Dhttp://piq.codeus.net/gallery/?user=2901
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 02:30
Oh, I almost forgot, I also did Link from the LoZ series! :D
xternalmerc, 21 April 2012 02:45
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