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3-bit Quick Time

by battlefieldCommander

branched from by kure

3-bit Quick Time
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19 April 2012 13:50
colour distribution

Inspired by wolfgirl456, credit to Kure for the template
PS: Hey WG, how many bits is (roughly) 5 colors?
[EDIT]: Nevermind, figured it out


Loved the idea and the final result was great.

Is it wrong to generalise my piqs as '8-bit', even if they're 3-bit like yours?
by kure, 19 April 2012 16:39
Nah. 8-bit is 256 colors, while 3-bit is 8. I just thought of it like c ≤ b where c is the number of colors and b is the "bit"
by battlefieldCommander, 19 April 2012 18:54
Hmm my quicktime player looks different.
it is a shiney grey Q with a blue fill in the middle.

Still Great!
by AtomicPiqBoy, 19 April 2012 19:06
Yeah, that's the logo for QuickTime 8. This is the logo for QuickTime 7
by battlefieldCommander, 19 April 2012 19:55
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