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Telradian Scorcheriner

by Grogramn

pixel art Telradian Scorcheriner Telradian Burner pyromaniac Talrith lore Scorcheriner flamethrower by Grogramn piq
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29 July 2015 20:02
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Telradia pre-alliance with Talrith under King Grogramn were very regressed, especially after their massive losses during the Talrithian civil war whereas they seceded from the Talrithian kingdom, only to inhabit Tundra-wasteland that is Telradia.

But along with the massive wars that would come from King Grogramns defiance of the northern human council and the cooperation with Grogramn in the fight against the Orcish hordes from the east, the war with the Tenks, Minothians, Arige and gothoria, they found resources of plenty in the wasteland Tundra.

The king of Telradia, which pretty much was a vassal/protectorate state of Talrith at this point, had found a mysterious map during his suprise appearance as the last heir of the Hiralt family, and on this map where all key resource points that would profit the pockets and the armories of the Telradian people.
Immediatly Telradian workers started mining, digging, drilling and carving their way through the hard rock and ice and almost immediatly they found plenty of gas, oil, flammable powder etc etc.

The flammable powder is used for the guns and muskets used by the infanterista and so on, but the gas, which was extremely flammable when mixed with the right amount of methane gas (obtained in a digusting way) became extremely effective when used in flamethrowers.
a special unit called "scorcheriners" or "burners" were hired. Men whom lack or dont mind having their smelling ability removed were hired as "burners". they could tackle anything from a riot to a major cavalry charge using the flamethrowers.

their armors consist of several layers of Bodon leather, lizard skin and the scrotums of Borjin (massive boar-like creatures in Telradia).


lore :D
by Grogramn, 29 July 2015 20:15
Everyone needs a gun that looks like that.
by aros04, 31 July 2015 22:51
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