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have you ever seen the rain?

by pixelover

pixel art have you ever seen the rain? blue white rain song by pixelover piq
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11 April 2012 22:51
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http://aumusiclibrary.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/rain.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDGuyGPJ_JE


A Creedance Clearwater Revival song.
Very good band (and picture!)
by xternalmerc, 12 April 2012 00:05
Yeah, thanks! I love that song too.
by pixelover, 12 April 2012 00:16
You are welcome! :D
by xternalmerc, 12 April 2012 00:35
^^ I love that song! And dis is really pretty. So pretty I gunna writes a poem for youuuus~

I see it coming,
Pouring down beside me,
Reaching for my Soul.
It's icy fingers grasp the wind,
In a tangle of water and breeze.
It screeches in agony, as if in pain,
And I feel the need to leave the scene.
I run, I sprint, to just get away,
It follows, it stings, it senses I am at bay.
I am not quick enough, I am too slow,
It is not afar, and I feel vulnerable as a new dow.
I scream for dear life, not wanting it to hurt me,
But when it reaches my skin, that, that was the key

I look above.
But not yet fast,
And I see the light, one of my last,
I kiss the sky goodbye,
and look at the sea of wind,
And wonder,
What really,
Is up in the a Heavens.

I kinda got off track of the piq, but it's supposedly (I don't really know. :L) about a girl in vain who is running away from the agony and pain that is destroying her. She then finds out what the true meanings of it all are.

I dunno, you can interpret it if ya want :P
by wolfgirl456, 12 April 2012 00:57
Hey, thanks for hte beautiful poem!
by pixelover, 12 April 2012 00:59
No problem man! (uh, girl xD)
by wolfgirl456, 12 April 2012 01:16
it's a figure of speech
by pixelover, 12 April 2012 01:22
Yeah, I was just thinking that maybe you were one of those people thats all like, "Hey! Ima girl yo!" xD
by wolfgirl456, 12 April 2012 01:24
im not in the mood
by pixelover, 12 April 2012 01:26
" hey, Ima girl yo!"
Nah, I'm just messin' with ya! :D
by xternalmerc, 12 April 2012 01:26
by wolfgirl456, 12 April 2012 01:27
Or was I just messin' with ya?.....

Yeah, I was.
by xternalmerc, 12 April 2012 01:29
beautiful, well done :)
by jmgandalf, 13 April 2012 08:33
oh nothing it's a positive comment don't worry
by fusion ruby, 13 April 2012 14:47
by fusion ruby, 13 April 2012 14:50
well then thanks
by pixelover, 13 April 2012 14:51
thanks jmgandalf
by pixelover, 13 April 2012 20:42
^.^ schon, ich mag die Effekte, die Sie verwendet
by fusion ruby, 13 April 2012 20:44
by pixelover, 13 April 2012 20:45
...you know i dont undrstand german...
by pixelover, 13 April 2012 20:48
heres what i said:Beautiful,I like how you used diffrent effects.
by fusion ruby, 13 April 2012 20:50
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