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dusty lilac

by goose

pixel art dusty lilac by goose piq
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11 April 2012 02:20
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Awww so preeetty~ Looks like the very beginning of winter. I'm gonna write a poem for it~ <3

The delicate leaves have fell to the ground,
The snow has begun to fall~
The birds perched high,
Above the vulnerable trees~
Show the sign,
Of the ending spring~
The lavender sky,
And it's beautiful shades,
Leave the children smiling in joy~
For the beginning,
Of a new beginning,
Has begun to prepare~

Hope you like the poem! I think it goes well with the picture <3
by wolfgirl456, 11 April 2012 03:02
that's a really cool and fitting poem! that's sorta what I had in mind when I was making this!
by goose, 11 April 2012 03:51
Thank you!
by wolfgirl456, 11 April 2012 04:30
love the poem, love the piq!
by pixelover, 11 April 2012 10:29
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