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nintendo portal

von princcce7

nintendo portal
ändere hintergrund | eigentliche größe (100 x 100 pixel)

01 April 2012 01:19

the way to enter your favorite nintendo games, even if its chibi-robo.for game like legends of zelda, put in a zelda in each system,a multiple amount of games if you can (game cube collectors edition) or do the same with mario and other nintendo series.not perfectly safe,you can get hurt,but never so much to where you could be seriously hurt.connected to this one is the wii,3ds/ds/dsi/dslite,gamecube,and a nintendo 64.if you want,you can buy the laptop extention to play other games, like MINECRAFT BABY or to edit the 'graphics'.all the characters act like they normally do,but enimies might not all try to kill you,but capture you,but not all of them.another laptop bonus is that you can add a character that has been in some games,but not all them,programming what their character is like. take shadow llink for an example.i think of him as confused,and possible to persuade to help.others think him as blood thirsty.this is the ultimate machine of entertainment,no other could beat it.


Very nice. Metroid, here I come!
von ShinobiSai, 01 April 2012 18:12
Does it work for t.v shows as well?
Or movies?
von xternalmerc, 01 April 2012 18:17
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