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Hey guys,

by battlefieldCommander

collaborate on it!
Hey guys,
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29 March 2012 22:48
colour distribution

I got a question for ya. I wanna go for the achievement where I record myself drawing something and it gets 10 likes or something. I'm not asking you to like it, but I'm at a low for inspiration. Give me some ideas on what to draw!


a frog fighting a ninja giraffe on fire
by PigottFence432, 29 March 2012 23:58
The hammer and sickle, a pround sign of the motherland!
by xternalmerc, 30 March 2012 01:21
Maybe. Sounds a little complicated though
A good idea, but you just did that and I don't wanna look like I'm copying you...
by battlefieldCommander, 30 March 2012 01:50
oh, srry, i got very excited and did it myself. maybe draw a ninja cutting another nija in half?
by xternalmerc, 30 March 2012 16:47
maybe something in a mmog. like a creeper or a puffle. if not a hydra ( 2 to 8 headed monster with a dragonlike body.)
by TyTy21, 05 April 2012 14:43
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