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Pika Shirt

by pokemoncreator

branched from by Masto91

pixel art Pika Shirt pika creator pikachu tee t-shirt pokemoncreator pokemon shirt by pokemoncreator piq
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*puke rainbows*

~ Perfect ! ~
by LouisxD, 25 March 2012 19:10
lol thanks!
by pokemoncreator, 25 March 2012 19:11
especially coming from you, your a great artist!
by pokemoncreator, 25 March 2012 19:11
Thanks *-*
by LouisxD, 25 March 2012 19:18
This rocks. Pika Pika!
by ShinobiSai, 26 March 2012 00:04
Wow... amazing! (70 minutes; that is a long time *_*)
by wolfgirl456, 26 March 2012 01:22
This is one shirt I would wear.
by pixelover, 26 March 2012 01:24
piq of the day ! =O
by Masto91, 26 March 2012 06:25
Nice job ^^
I'd want this too!
by wolfgirl456, 27 March 2012 00:03
yay piq of the day!!! omg thank u guys! i set mine so that u can wear my shirts... i could draw this pika on the same color background so that u could buy it >u< it wouldnt be as much of an ass to draw in larger pixels.
by pokemoncreator, 27 March 2012 03:00
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