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Spongebob House

by cesarloose

branched from by cesarloose

pixel art Spongebob House spongebob veg house fruit pineapple vegetable patrick by cesarloose piq
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18 March 2012 07:39
colour distribution

Veg or fruit... Please, vote! Hehehe


Pineapples are fruits
by ShinobiSai, 18 March 2012 09:53
great idea !
by Masto91, 18 March 2012 09:53
It took work but I think it was worth. :)
by cesarloose, 18 March 2012 16:50
Nice idea! Never would have thought of this myself!
by wolfgirl456, 18 March 2012 17:45
Thanks WG!
The problem is that these ideas are slow to be made.
by cesarloose, 18 March 2012 18:20
Patrick ,that still fruit))
by bun, 18 March 2012 20:54
To help you cesar:
1st panel: Vote on my house!
2nd panel: Yes, vote it's a veg!
3rd panel: No Patrick! It's a fruit!

To make it shorter to fit you could take out the apostrophes in the "it's" so it would be "its"
by wolfgirl456, 19 March 2012 20:51
none of them has good grammar :(
by TyTy21, 19 March 2012 23:27
And apparently YOU don't either TyTy21... It would be "None of them HAVE good grammar."
And cesar is just learning english as far as I know... would you look at the bright side of things?
by wolfgirl456, 20 March 2012 00:32
Thanks WG!
And TyTy21 - This site has people around the world. I'm from Brazil for example.
So if I make a mistake in grammar please help me, because I want to know English as far as I know Portuguese.
by cesarloose, 20 March 2012 01:22
thank you very much WG!
You will be my official teacher's! hehehe
by cesarloose, 20 March 2012 02:47
I use online the translator, on it excuse for stupid phrases,they sach fake this trsltrs
by bun, 21 March 2012 01:38
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