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Contest: Aphal

by Lumpkins

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pixel art Contest: Aphal by Lumpkins piq
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23 January 2015 22:19
colour distribution

havnt had quite as much time to draw latley between work and my house, so im making a contest.
the challenge is to read up on whatever info you can gather from my pics on my fictional world of Aphal, and draw anything, a character, location, concept, ect rooted in that fiction.
it will end whenever probably within a few weeks, and i will draw individual congratulatory piqs for 1st 2nd and 3rd place as well as a commodative likes and perhaps subscription.
good luck, have fun


ooohhh >:3

by Grogramn, 23 January 2015 22:21
So whats this contest about?
by Tamashii_Akuma, 23 January 2015 22:21
the contest without a description.

I think I might have a shot at this.
by TotallyTotaled, 23 January 2015 22:21
desc done
by Lumpkins, 23 January 2015 22:22


i will try this one.
by Grogramn, 23 January 2015 22:24
lovley, looking forward to it, theres alot of creative space, hell if you only wanted to go so far as reading "and there was some grass" and drawing grass then fuck it im down, also feel free to ask me any questions regarding anything, i love talking about the world.
by Lumpkins, 23 January 2015 22:25
made it branch-able
by Lumpkins, 23 January 2015 22:33
Sure, why not
by pixelartist98, 23 January 2015 22:55
so...hows it comin along guys?
by Lumpkins, 24 January 2015 22:25
pretty shitty for me.
i´ve been playing Worms armageddon due to my brain not wanting to cooperate.
by Grogramn, 24 January 2015 22:36
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