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Legendary Sword of Swordness

by Sk8Dude4RBLX

Legendary Sword of Swordness
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26 February 2012 02:00
colour distribution

I couldn't think of a name. So I made up this really awesome name, Legendary Sword of Swordness.


Awesome name. :)
by ShinobiSai, 26 February 2012 07:34
Yes, indeed awesome. You are simply awesome yourself for agreeing.
by Sk8Dude4RBLX, 26 February 2012 09:29
Why thank you. In fact, the awesomeness of this piq and its name has inspired me to draw one like it in its honor. Prepare to be amazed.
by ShinobiSai, 26 February 2012 09:56
Oh I will be amazed, for it will be in honor of my honor.
by Sk8Dude4RBLX, 26 February 2012 10:03
A Shield of Shielding has been created. Together, they are unstopable.
by ShinobiSai, 26 February 2012 10:14
And I know who that person is. Mom's failed attempt to make life, Sammich. The creation who is best known as a radioactive mutant with spaghetti on his hair.
by Sk8Dude4RBLX, 26 February 2012 10:23
Thy who wields these two, will rule the world.
by Sk8Dude4RBLX, 26 February 2012 16:18
Truly, only the most pure of heart and strong of will shall be worthy to wield them.
by ShinobiSai, 26 February 2012 16:22
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