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12th Age Dragoons

by Lumpkins

pixel art 12th Age Dragoons by Lumpkins piq
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19 November 2014 00:55
colour distribution

sites back....cool...

in the 11th Age before the final dissolution of the Unitine empire into the 2 kingdoms, the Emperor sent 100 promising warriors to train with the old dragon hunters of Mattinus, who have been ancestrally hunting dragons for 500 years, after the last war of wyverns however, hundreds of stray dragons now dotted the mainland, occasionally attacking caravans and outposts at will, so these 100 men would become the 2nd order of Dragoons, ment to hunt down these new Dragons and wipe them off of New Centinaal.
when they returned home to find there empire divided, they took no side and instead became a freelance guild and promised to keep there vow.


Even though it hasn't met the requirements XD!!!!
by Party Poison 15, 19 November 2014 12:42
whoa what the fuck, i made this last night and left it, was pretty sure piq was gunna go back offline. how the hell did this get me my first POTD? it only has 7 likes, and its pretty shity
by Lumpkins, 19 November 2014 22:23
Maybe it's piq acting all screwy again. It's better than my piqs.
by Party Poison 15, 20 November 2014 12:16
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