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The Hunger Games

by wolfgirl456

branched from by wolfgirl456

pixel art The Hunger Games wg pin Hunger wolfgirl456 Games Mockingjay Logo The Katniss by wolfgirl456 piq
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08 February 2012 21:16
colour distribution

I can't believe how well this turned out.
I am amazed.
I am going to make this my profile picture up until the movie comes out! I WILL!
I even made my desktop wallpaper this picture!


I am going to marry this picture.
by wolfgirl456, 08 February 2012 21:22
by pixelover, 08 February 2012 21:24
es ist so wunderbar, dass ich verliebt in sie machen wollen. >:3 and you'll never know what i said
by fusion ruby, 09 February 2012 06:15
by Golden Finn, 09 February 2012 06:24
Thanks guys! (:
by wolfgirl456, 09 February 2012 09:31
OMG! thats a PERFECTO replica of the Hunger games Sign. TOTALLY WISH I COULD DO THAT! ps: its the best book ever, so READ IT!
by Skyler, 09 February 2012 09:54
by ShinobiSai, 09 February 2012 11:33
Outstanding!! Magnificent!!! And only 9 colors. This is beautiful.
by flippy13, 09 February 2012 13:22
Thanks again :)
And I have read all 3 books, I am forcing my friend to read them, but she always says "I don't have the time."
I don't take that kind of crud. xDD
by wolfgirl456, 10 February 2012 02:07
Yeah, I found a copy of the second one. It's good, but not as good as the first.
by pixelover, 10 February 2012 02:18
No, the first is certainly the best. But the other two are worth their reads.
by ShinobiSai, 10 February 2012 03:44
I don't like the third as much. Its too… sad.
The second is ok.
The first is the most of a page-turner.
by wolfgirl456, 10 February 2012 04:04
[this comment was deleted]
by mario9705, 10 February 2012 23:45
And @mario9705:
you shouldnt put that there because peoples eyes cant really avoid it. even though you put spoiler.
(id advise u to delete it!)
by pokemoncreator, 11 February 2012 00:23
[this comment was deleted]
by pixelover, 11 February 2012 01:29
hey, Fusion, that means "It is so wonderful that I want to make love with her."
by AvianAvenger, 11 February 2012 22:20
[this comment was deleted]
by wolfgirl456, 12 February 2012 00:44
by mario9705, 12 February 2012 02:08
... ok.
by wolfgirl456, 12 February 2012 17:43
@AA i ment it i'm not as good with german ok it was a mistake
by someone, 12 February 2012 20:44
I love the hunger games
by Artsy, 15 February 2012 02:18
by wolfgirl456, 15 February 2012 02:36
It's one of the best book series I've ever read. i read the all of them in 2 weeks.
by Artsy, 15 February 2012 03:00
Wow o_o
And yeah its the best series i've ever read too!
by wolfgirl456, 16 February 2012 02:14
Same here I read them right when they came out and just now people are getting interested in them. -_-
by someone, 16 February 2012 07:18
That was me above IT KEEPS LOGGING ME OUT!
by mario9705, 16 February 2012 07:19
when did they come out?
by pokemoncreator, 16 February 2012 15:27
My brother read the series and then my friends told me it was a good series so I started it is one of my favorite series.
by pixelover, 16 February 2012 18:36
by whatsername107022, 25 February 2012 22:54
Same here Wolf
by mario9705, 26 February 2012 15:21
The're making an iOS game to go with them movie, and the art is pixelized! It's called The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire. It should come out slightly before the movie.
by ShinobiSai, 26 February 2012 16:54
I know it will be awesome!
by mario9705, 26 February 2012 19:30
Hey, i'm back!
And really? I'll buy it. Even if it sucks.
by wolfgirl456, 26 February 2012 20:18
Yes really. And it looks like it will actually be pretty good.
by ShinobiSai, 26 February 2012 21:20
how many day did it take you?!
by picklestirfry, 27 February 2012 10:28
im mean days, not day
by picklestirfry, 27 February 2012 10:28
The movie is coming out March 23, right?
by pixelover, 01 March 2012 22:04
That is pure skillage.
by Slashcraft, 01 March 2012 22:06
@pixelover: Yup!
@ShinobiSai: Yeah! I've watched every preview and trailer at least 3 times! xD
@picklestirfry: You mean to draw this? 40 minutes. (:
And finally, @Slashcraft: Thanks, bro, I love hearing compliments (;
by wolfgirl456, 02 March 2012 04:19
by mario9705, 02 March 2012 14:15
21 days!
by wolfgirl456, 02 March 2012 19:51
by ShinobiSai, 07 March 2012 02:50
this one is freaking amazing.
by samanthapandaw, 07 March 2012 03:09
Thanks samantha! :)
Awesome, ShinobiSai!
by wolfgirl456, 07 March 2012 03:51
Thanks :D
by wolfgirl456, 21 April 2012 20:00
that's really good you have really good art
by sergio443, 22 April 2012 23:25
Thanks ;u;
I saw the movie a second time today! It was even better!
by wolfgirl456, 23 April 2012 03:33
by sergio443, 18 May 2012 00:21
Actually, not better, worse, cuz there was a 4 year old in front of me talking the whole friken time!
by wolfgirl456, 18 May 2012 02:24
wow that's kind of stupid why would you take a four year old to see the hunger games.
by sergio443, 18 May 2012 14:47
sergio443: I know! Ugh! And to what TyTy21 said, it's PG-13, jeez, for gods sake! People kill each other in that movie!
by wolfgirl456, 19 May 2012 01:34
R is stuff with sex and that junk in it.
by wolfgirl456, 19 May 2012 15:21
If the Hunger Games had been bloodier, it would have been rated R
by pixelover, 20 May 2012 00:48
Wow I don't even know what that is but it is amazing lol.
by TheAbyss, 20 May 2012 00:51
TheAbyss: It's the Mockingjay pin from the book The Hunger Games, which is a movie now. And thanks :)
Pixelover: True, true.
by wolfgirl456, 20 May 2012 02:50
Pixelover: But, they HAD to make it less gory and bloody for the reason that children read The Hunger Games and would be eager to see the movie. They couldn't make it G/PG, because the movie would be total ugly shit, and they couldn't make it R for the reason I said. PG-13 was the best. Y'know, there should be a PG-10...
by wolfgirl456, 20 May 2012 02:52
I know its just blood and gore is another reason to make it R
But I do think there should be a PG-10
by pixelover, 20 May 2012 02:54
by strky, 20 May 2012 02:54
Actually, if it was even more bloody and gross, it wouldn't be rated R. It would be rated G for gory. XD I got that from an amazing artist in my art class who was drawing a guy who's jaw was broken off and arms were fallen off. The he wrote, RATED G FOR GORY.
by wolfgirl456, 20 May 2012 02:56
(because the drawing had a ton of blood in it)
by wolfgirl456, 20 May 2012 02:56
Some Manga/Anime has a ton of blood in it
rated G for gory
by pixelover, 20 May 2012 02:57
by wolfgirl456, 20 May 2012 02:58


by drac45232, 11 August 2012 20:10
awsome job i love hunger games
by hater, 29 October 2012 04:05
Even though I've never read the Hunger Games, nice piq!
by EchoMirror7363, 11 March 2013 07:14

Love the books (mostly the first book though) and the the movie!
by SilverBlade950, 08 April 2013 11:58
This is perfect to build in a everybody edits 100x100 world!!! the name of the world is:

Hunger Games wip
by O . O, 17 January 2014 02:19
my face O o O
by O . O, 17 January 2014 02:20
by ruby, 04 April 2014 19:13
yeesus this actually got a too on of likes
by wolfgirl456, 01 July 2014 04:14
by wolfgirl456, 01 July 2014 04:14
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