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fixed mew is born

by fusion ruby

branched from by fusion ruby

pixel art fixed mew is born by fusion ruby piq
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29 January 2012 16:35
colour distribution

i made it look more chibi


In the games the eggs are white with green spots but in 'real life' the eggshells take on the characteristics of the pokemon.
by pixelover, 29 January 2012 14:39
yeah i know
by fusion ruby, 30 January 2012 00:14
togepi is stuck i think in the shell because it might be weak so it can't get the shell off
by fusion ruby, 01 February 2012 15:12
i wish the eggs in the games had the characteristics of the pokemon so if your given a random egg from someone on the wi-fi so you know what pokemon it is
by fusion ruby, 01 February 2012 15:16
that would be no fun
in my sapphire version i have like five boxes full of eggs and its fun seeing what they hatch into
by pixelover, 01 February 2012 15:16
like togepi ^^
by santaclaus, 01 February 2012 21:10
maybe togepi likes to stay in its shell
by pixelover, 01 February 2012 21:13
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