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Cute, But Deadly

by ChibiLittle245

pixel art Cute, But Deadly demonic little Anime evil child by ChibiLittle245 piq
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18 January 2012 01:36
colour distribution

NEVER call her a cute little girl, never...


Cool. Is this from something, or did you just design/draw it randomly? Either way, well done.
by ShinobiSai, 18 January 2012 02:56
I just drew it randomly like everything else I seem to draw... XD
by ChibiLittle245, 18 January 2012 14:08
You're welcome! I'm a sucker for androids and cyborgs.
by ShinobiSai, 18 January 2012 14:13
can I branch this?
BTW this is AWeSOME!!!
by AvianAvenger, 02 February 2012 19:47
Sure, why not, as log as you give credit ^^

I've not been drawing that long, so your comment means a lot, Thanks!~ :D
by ChibiLittle245, 03 February 2012 20:50
It wont let me branch.,,
by AvianAvenger, 05 February 2012 17:42
To branch you need to be specifically invited or it has to be open to everyone.
by ShinobiSai, 05 February 2012 17:45
If you dont know how to do that Chibi, you go to options and then add AvianAvenger to the list under 'Collaborations'
by pokemoncreator, 05 February 2012 21:22
hey, Chibi, can you invite me to Collab?
by AvianAvenger, 06 February 2012 00:54
Hi, cuti-... AHHHHHHHH-Robot setup. do you want this person to become evil. *click* Yes? *click* OK.
Editing.... Done!
Cute, but deadly. (She turns those "you are a cutie" people into _____, but deadly people.
by john4s13, 08 February 2012 18:11
still not able to collab...
by AvianAvenger, 22 February 2012 14:24
by fusion ruby, 28 February 2012 19:03
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