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Mr. Potter ☺

by Kgustafso

pixel art Mr. Potter ☺ Kgirl wizards Harry Potter wand spells by Kgustafso piq
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21 December 2011 04:34
colour distribution



It seems almost like your not making pixel art!
by wolfgirl456, 20 December 2011 23:13
My friend is a huge HP fan. If she could see this, I'm sure she'll love it.
by pixelover, 21 December 2011 07:55
cool! I just liked it
by zebra, 21 December 2011 14:09
it seems like you streched his face a little :P
by jmgandalf, 21 December 2011 14:21
just a little, but look at the bright side.
by zebra, 21 December 2011 14:25
yeah sometimes I just see things a little different from others ;))Take care guys;)))
by Kgustafso, 22 December 2011 02:24
It seems Mr. Potter met Mr. Zorro... ;DD As Mr. jm said the face is a bit streched but I think it's pretty good anyway. :)
by BlackDragon, 22 December 2011 12:00
if you don't look at the ref and don't compare it looks better! this is amazing, btw!
by wolfgirl456, 22 December 2011 20:11
yeah, it's just...i found his smile kinda funny. and then compare to the original :P
by jmgandalf, 22 December 2011 20:22
Ok,BlackDragon,you cracked me up with the zorro thing. good stuff. Thanks for feedback guys. It does help alot. Thanks Mr.jm for feedback too;)take care everyone :))
by Kgustafso, 23 December 2011 01:25
Thanks muc wolfgirl456:))
by Kgustafso, 23 December 2011 06:04
pedo smile...and hitler mustache :D
by imine4gold, 27 December 2011 21:43
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