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Rainbow Eye

by PeaceLui

branched from by someone

pixel art Rainbow Eye Color Rainbow Blonde Eye Manga by PeaceLui piq
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16 December 2011 12:35
colour distribution

My first pixel art ever. Well ... what should I say here :)


This is pretty nice for your first art! I like it!
by ShinobiSai, 16 December 2011 13:47
Really? Thank you! I just joined on here today because I heard about pixel art on a different webiste and like the style. So I decided to try this out :)
I'm feeling pretty much like a newby ...
by PeaceLui, 16 December 2011 14:12
Welcome to the site! I love pixel art. And don't sweat the newbie feel- it passes with experience. :) (I've still got it a little... :D )

Your shading is nice. Especially the hair. Keep piqing!
by ShinobiSai, 16 December 2011 14:49
I just learned shading after watching some YouTube tutorials and am glad that you like it :)
Well, because of my unexperienced self this newbie feeling won't pass me that fast ^.^
by PeaceLui, 16 December 2011 14:57
woah.. amazing! and yes, when i came here first (on another account) i was a bit afraid people wouldn't like my art. Now, im one of the most popular piqers on piq! well, not on this account, but on the account "wolfgirl456"

amazing job, btw! your great at this already :D
by 8-bit Creator, 16 December 2011 21:13
Thanks! I'll check your other account out, miss popular ;)
by PeaceLui, 17 December 2011 09:01
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