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Sol the Kitsune

by WildInParadise

branched from by WildInParadise

pixel art Sol the Kitsune beautiful gatekeeper life beauty peace fox soul speckles reaper sunset half kitsune world balance spirit blind face split by WildInParadise piq
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12 April 2014 19:28
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Sol is my new OC

Sol is a genderless spirit, gatekeeper of the spirit world (helps and controls who can cross over and enter the spirit world).

Not much is known about Sol, since only beings just before and after death can see it. Beings just before death described Sol as a beautiful white fox with a split face, left side being black also with having a blind eye, an extremely long fluffy tail and having a sense of peace and knowing their fate.


so cute i wish i had one in my group by the way im going to save the universe so an awesome cat would help me BUT i arleady have a dragon a dog a warrior cat a killer lizard and a phoneix soooooooooo
by tymekissocool, 28 April 2014 19:41
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