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8-bit's Chat Room (read description)

by 8-bit Creator

8-bit's Chat Room (read description)
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26 November 2011 02:09
colour distribution

This is NOT a copy of mvance's. I was the one who made the FIRST chat room on piq, but it was in my 'wolfgirl456' account. (this is the 3rd chat room on piq)

This is a FUN zone. Don't make it NON-fun.

Don't spam or troll. It makes this place non-fun

Please nothing inappropriate. It's not user friendly.

And otherwise, have fun chatting!


Yeah. I'm wolfgirl. LET THE WORLD KNOOOW!
by 8-bit Creator/wolfgirl456, 26 November 2011 02:15
Hello! :D
Chat Zone!
by Zuiu1, 27 November 2011 09:52
Where's my TARDIS?
by Doctor Who, 28 November 2011 02:49
wait. caverobot made another account "doctor who" and wolfgirl made ANOTHER account named 8-bit creator/wolfgirl456?? im so confused...
by star lion11, 28 November 2011 03:05
I didn't make another account called Doctor Who
by CaveRobot, 28 November 2011 03:11
I changed my little name in the comment
by CaveRobot, 28 November 2011 03:11
[this comment was deleted]
by CaveRobot, 28 November 2011 03:12
My other account is here:http://piq.codeus.net/u/8bitFTW
by CaveRobot, 28 November 2011 03:12
is that appropriate? (my username below)
by Patrick brings da sexy back, 28 November 2011 04:39
xD Patrick brings da sexy Back! xD :D Nice Name Wolfgirl!
by Zuiu1, 28 November 2011 05:37
OH wut nao?
by 8-bit Creator brings da sexy bac, 28 November 2011 15:35
ohh u used the thing i made for u!!! thx!
by 8-bit Creator brings da sexy bac, 28 November 2011 15:35
by Zuiu1, 28 November 2011 15:42
omg lol ur kori? why did u change accounts?
by copperspca, 28 November 2011 23:53
she didn't change, she just has two accounts. Like me! ;D
by CaveRobot, 28 November 2011 23:56
lol really? i NEVER KNEW THIS. and lol i mean kori and i go to school together.
by copperspca, 29 November 2011 00:10
lol i forgot to tell u today XD

by 8-bit Creator, 29 November 2011 02:06
why didn't you tell me your a double user?
by mvance, 29 November 2011 13:45
oh XD I thought the whole world knew!

Its on THIS accounts profile, AND the wolfgirl456 account profile! :D
by 8-bit Creator, 30 November 2011 02:20
oh. i didn't read the info.
by mvance, 30 November 2011 13:30
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