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Fat Nyan Cat

von 8-bit Creator

abgezweigt von von 8-bit Creator

pixel art Fat Nyan Cat nyan noise creator fat cat 8-bit by 8-bit Creator piq
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22 November 2011 18:46

nyancat0159 made this after me but i dont care 'cause mines different. he/she jut did it 'cause he/she is nyan cat... jk. XD


WAOH IT LOOKS SPARKLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
von NyanCat0159, 22 November 2011 18:48
blur + noise = sparkle bg
sparkle + nyan cat + fat = FAT NYAN CAT!
von 8-bit Creator, 22 November 2011 18:58
von 8bitFTW, 22 November 2011 22:00
von mvance, 22 November 2011 23:00
von mvance, 22 November 2011 23:01
Does it have a doughnut body instead of a poptart one? XD cool, did you come up with it?
von ShinobiSai, 23 November 2011 04:52
No, his body is still a poptart, just a really, REALLY, REEALLY fat poptart XD

And no again, look at mvance's ref/video he put up on the comment before
von 8-bit Creator, 23 November 2011 05:06
Oh, ok. :)

I thought maybe that video was made from the awesomeness of this piq.
von ShinobiSai, 23 November 2011 14:00
nope, i haz no video maker XD plus, if i had made that video, it would suck. But piq would be more famous XD
von 8-bit Creator, 23 November 2011 20:44
oh i thought it was a doughnut wrapped around its body too but anyway U DESERVE MORE LIKES THAN ME!!!!!!!!!! :)
von NyanCat0159, 24 November 2011 05:49
i know it looks a lot like a doughnut but it's still a poptart. juet that the nyan cat is so fat, the poptart gets shaped into a round doughnut. but it's still not a doughnut.
von mvance, 24 November 2011 17:00
von mvance, 24 November 2011 17:01
and the video was made on july. not november.
von mvance, 24 November 2011 17:02
the cat is a lie. a big, fat, donut-shaped lie. u know why? it's too awesome to be a truthz.
von 8-bit Creator, 04 January 2012 15:44
... ಠ____ಠ
von mvance, 05 January 2012 02:58
von mvance, 05 January 2012 03:38
u speak of a thruthz
von 8-bit Creator, 05 January 2012 21:09
This person on deviantART is saying that I stole a Fat Nyan Cat drawing. (I posted this to dA)
von wolfgirl456, 03 March 2012 04:05
this is pusheen with a donut body
von cm, 27 March 2012 19:54
I know. (this is mine) It looks like that but trust me its nyan cat.
von wolfgirl456, 27 March 2012 23:40
von darklord, 25 April 2012 00:52
aww LOL
von EpicLife9220, 25 April 2012 02:44
Poor obese Nyan Cat :(
It's like a Nyan Cat Diabeto... If you ever saw that on Family Guy.
IKR EpicLife ^^ Nice profile piq btw!
von wolfgirl456, 25 April 2012 02:51
I simply chose that name because I didn't know the definition of the term "8-bit."
von wolfgirl456, 26 April 2012 02:39
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