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by brokenscouter

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New Profile Piq
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13 November 2011 05:19
colour distribution

I noticed that several people on piq changed their profile piqs, so I thought I'd try making a new one. It's not perfect by any means, but it'll do.


I didn't link straight to the sheet because it said: DO NOT HOTLINK THESE IMAGES.

Since I have no clue what that means, I'll just link to the area where it can be found.


Best yet!
by CaveRobot, 13 November 2011 17:38
Really? I not sure if I'd call it the best i've done, but I like it. I suggest you check out My Megaman X and Krusty sometime.
by brokenscouter, 14 November 2011 05:48
I did, but I still think this is the best. :D
by CaveRobot, 17 November 2011 00:33
I've seen the MVC3U footage of Phenix Wright And It looks AWESOME
by mario9705, 28 November 2011 00:05
I know wright? *see what I did there?* And if you liked that, you should check out this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO0QuIEokSo
by brokenscouter, 07 December 2011 07:44
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