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by BlackDragon

pixel art DinoEye dinosaur BlackDragon eye contest green realistic shiny by BlackDragon piq
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29 November 2010 18:07
colour distribution


just amazing man
by azoz, 29 November 2010 18:12
by pocket_nine9s, 29 November 2010 18:19
we're all gonna have to raise our games... :)
by pocket_nine9s, 29 November 2010 18:23
I used a Wacom tablet . Btw, I didn't even have any reference.
by BlackDragon, 29 November 2010 18:25
by someone, 29 November 2010 20:43
The eyeball is so realistic. Nicely done.
by CloudCharger, 30 November 2010 16:06
where did you buy this?
by someone, 05 December 2010 12:29
awesome dude :}
by derlanalmeida, 17 December 2010 01:34
OK. this goes above and beyond, and what is it only your second piq? you would be at the top of the charts with a few more piq's like this!
by flippy13, 15 June 2011 15:04
Thanks flippy13! It might be my second piq but I've drawn A LOT before that one. :)
by BlackDragon, 16 June 2011 07:48
so, hows that Wacom tablet?
by flippy13, 16 June 2011 20:09
The tablet (Intuos 4 L) is GREAT! It would have been extremely hard to make that pic up there without it. :) It wasn't cheap, but it's totally worth every cent! If you wanna know more about drawing tablets, just ask me. :)
by BlackDragon, 17 June 2011 10:45
what size of intous tablet do you have?
by Toyumono, 27 October 2011 06:13
L = large. :) It's about size A4.
by BlackDragon, 28 October 2011 14:33
wow nice i was thinking about getting small one but idk yet.
by Toyumono, 28 October 2011 21:45
BD, you are truly amazing, I would like to see more of your fantastic work :)
by wolfgirl456, 18 November 2011 03:59
Thanks wolfgirl456, I'll try to make something new soon. :)
by BlackDragon, 18 November 2011 13:46
awesome dragon eye! but it kinda reminds me of shuma gorath for some reason.
by mvance, 26 April 2012 12:04
fucking good job :D
by alien8, 26 April 2012 12:34
Thanks! :)
by BlackDragon, 26 April 2012 13:13
by ONLYUSEmeR4GE, 27 October 2012 15:07
Thank you!
by BlackDragon, 28 October 2012 10:48
[this comment was deleted]
by Quinoas, 06 December 2012 18:49
What you lookin at huh!? XD
by Frostbite, 09 January 2013 01:30
Ok Quinoas, what was that? I will delete every stupid comment so please, mind what you post.
by BlackDragon, 09 January 2013 09:50
[this comment was deleted]
by Quinoas, 09 January 2013 10:05
[this comment was deleted]
by Quinoas, 09 January 2013 10:05
Oh, I didn't notice! Anyway, thanks for deleting it. Post something more sensible next time.
by BlackDragon, 10 January 2013 16:24
Wow this is amazing! For how long does it take to get this good? :3
by User, 26 March 2014 02:59
Thanks! Well, I was 18 back then when I drew this and I started drawing when I was maybe 2, so... :P It takes time, I can tell you. :D Anyway, I think it's possible to get this far in a few years (maybe even in a year) if you study art and study hard. But it's actually a matter of training: I have never really studied art, I have just drawn A LOT! :D And that's my advice: draw a lot! It also helps really, really much if you try to learn why things look how they look, like how light and perspective works. There are certain rules that apply to everything we see and it's necessary to know them. Here's a few links that I think are very helpful and teach things really well:

ctrlpaint.com -very good tutos, also for beginners

Feng Zhu Design Youtube channel -really pro stuff, but also helpful for everyone

Sycra Youtube channel -very good tutos and explanations

Hope this helps! :)
by BlackDragon, 09 April 2014 17:31
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