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by Grogramn

pixel art Gragörn golem stone monster mountains god giant volcano grass by Grogramn piq
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08 December 2013 16:37
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Before the time of the Humans, there were the gods who controlled it all..
But earth at the time was not much to look at. Cold Grey mountains and fog.
The gods were bored and wanted to be a bit creative, so they created stone golems.

Two gods, Marun, the god of water and Graien, the god of gravity had a contest going on.
''I bet i can create the largest golem of them all'' Marun said in a provoking manner.
''thats a challenge i assume'' responded Graien''.
And as expected, Graien accepted the challenge and they both proceeded to shape a golem each.

Graien used the power of gravity to push it all together, many times the rocks would fall apart, crack open amongst some of the problems.
Graien saw that Marun used waves and small rivers to shape a mountain.
Marun´s tactic was abit slower, but definatly more efficient.
Graien sought help from Eldr, the God of fire, and asked him if he could use magma to attach a golem for him.
And so he did, neither of the two had any respect for Marun.
Marun was done with his golem when Graien arrived with his creation.
Both were impressed by the others Titan like Monster.

''They are about the same size, Graien, i guess its a draw.''
Graien would not accept the idea of losin to Marun, as it would be shameful to him and it would most likely make Eldr mad aswell, so he came up with a different way of winning the challenge.
''let them fight until one of them cracks and breaks''.

Marun agreed, and both set their golems to destroy the other.
Marun´s being more fragile got a few cracks from the hits it gained, but its thin and lighter structure made it possible to evade some of the hits... though this was in though in vain, for its hits had no effect on the target.
But eventually Graien´s golem got in a solid hit on Marun´s golem, and the right arm broke off, now spitting water as if it was the blood of a recently decapitated soldier on the field, the water sprayed upon Graien´s golum, and it started to blow steam.

Marun realized that Graien´s golum was held together with Eldr´s magma, and he commanded his golum to lose limbs on command so that he could spray more water upon the enemy.
Graien just thought he was lucky, and that his golum was the better of the two.... it shouldn´t come as a suprise that his gollum eventually started giving out to the steam building up in his cracks, the pressure of it all eventually made a hole in his back.

The fight eventually ended with one golem standing on only one leg and with the jaw missing, and the other gaining large cracks across his body which were filled with the water from the opponent, and a hole in the back which steam and magma poured out.

Marun never talked directly to Graien again, and Graien knowing that his unfair play had been discovered got ashame and never spoke a word to anyone ever again.
Eldr had, according to Cané, the King of gods, gone to far in creating conflicts, and was sent away from earth and into space, there he stayed forever, and with the cold of space, he set himself on fire and curled up into a ball.

The golem continued to stand there, amongst the ice cold and grey mountains as a reminder of what happened.
The cracks full of water became rivers, the hole in the back became a volanco, and the water, eventually his back became fertile with the water and magma from the battle, and eventually grew grass.

This backstory is rather shitty, its improvised like hell, and i just felt like doing one, reading it is obviously optional.


i think your may win it looks awesome
by espiofan1234, 08 December 2013 19:41
by Turpster, 09 December 2013 11:41
how did i end better? dafug
by Turpster, 18 December 2013 23:43
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