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The first EVAR piq chat room!

by wolfgirl456

The first EVAR piq chat room!
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24 October 2011 01:34
colour distribution


Good Idea.
by LouisxD, 24 October 2011 01:41
We'll use the comments for a chat. the theme is...


ask others for requests and tell if you take requests.
Please don't spam, and by spamming i mean posting duplicate comments over and over or writing something that doesn't have to do with the theme. Or these types of things:

Or trying to break the barrier:


SPAM!! None of that is allowed on here!

Follow there rules and be nice! Thank you!
by wolfgirl456, 24 October 2011 01:48
That would be cool!
by CaveRobot, 24 October 2011 01:50
I take some requests, if i'm up for it. I want someone to draw a pixel mario and luigi for me! And make it the kind that is from the mario and luigi series! ref for ya to get started:http://scratch.mit.edu/static/projects/sircalico1/635060_med.png

and boo please :D
by wolfgirl456, 24 October 2011 01:58
ugh just copy/paste that link into address bar T_T
by wolfgirl456, 24 October 2011 01:58
I'll do the boo. :D
by CaveRobot, 24 October 2011 02:28
thanx! i could do a request for ya then, in exchange for the boo :)
by wolfgirl456, 24 October 2011 03:17
by CaveRobot, 24 October 2011 14:56
I finished it!
by CaveRobot, 24 October 2011 19:49
Do you have anything you'd want me to do?
by wolfgirl456, 25 October 2011 03:04
this is he first EVER chat room on piq!!!
by 8-bit Creator, 26 November 2011 01:59
just found this...
by pixelover, 25 April 2012 00:17
LOLz I cant believe the rulez I made XD
by wolfgirl456, 25 April 2012 02:49
FR and I were wondering if you made a chat place before him and here it is
by pixelover, 25 April 2012 21:54
OH. LOL O just made this up randomly cuz I was like, BORED and stuff and I thought, why not a chat? Thusforth...
by wolfgirl456, 26 April 2012 02:33
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