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Think Different

by wolfgirl456

branched from by wolfgirl456

pixel art Think Different wg rainbow different jobs apple  steve Jobs RIP steve logo think by wolfgirl456 piq
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10 October 2011 00:52
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a late thank you to Steve Jobs. RIP Steve Jobs.

He died before he could claim a nobel prize he didn't even know he won. I wish he lived to at least KNOW he won!

He died of cancer. Curse you cancer and you killing hundreds of innocent people!

I made this to remind you of all the work Steve Jobs has done in his lifetime.

Thank You.


He made the first apple computer with his friend in his parents garage. They were soon famous. they got millions off of apple computers. Then it became a company. And now Jobs shall rest in peace.

We no longer think of the word apple as a fruit, but as this.
by wolfgirl456, 10 October 2011 00:59
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