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by CaveRobot

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branched from by pixelwiz

pixel art Onward! by CaveRobot piq
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25 September 2011 20:36
colour distribution

The wizard and his accomplice continue on through the forest...
Who know what will be awaiting them!


this is a nice collab
by pixelwiz, 25 September 2011 20:57
thank you! :D
by CaveRobot, 25 September 2011 20:57
Yours was amazing!
by CaveRobot, 25 September 2011 20:58
Awesome addition. I love it.
by Ztv1997, 25 September 2011 20:58
btw you need to make this branchable
by pixelwiz, 25 September 2011 20:59
oh right...
by CaveRobot, 25 September 2011 21:00
^ I think I would like to add in to the story, if I may.
by Ztv1997, 25 September 2011 21:00
by CaveRobot, 25 September 2011 21:00
I branched.
by Ztv1997, 25 September 2011 21:11
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PunCake: yea probablly
29 May 16:18:14
ArtRager: I'm pretty sure some piq user who also have PJ accounts use free art programs WAY better than piq's.
29 May 16:15:34
PunCake: i think he ment the community was doomed to fail
29 May 16:14:29
PunCake: Wait i know! we could move to pixel joint, and some of us can use piq to draw
29 May 16:13:44
ArtRager: How would an art site with it's own art program be doomed to fail?
29 May 16:13:24
29 May 16:12:45
PunCake: but litterally on the front page it talks about the community. also theres only 30 active members?!
29 May 16:11:17
Lumpkins commented on
29 May 16:10:37
KingKarl: the fact that we attempted to construct a community around Piq is... well.. doomed to fail long term
29 May 16:09:14
KingKarl: and piq isnt a social site, its an art program, to be used as a program. a software.
29 May 16:08:51
KingKarl: well, piq barely has more than 30 active people on it at a time.
29 May 16:08:33
ArtRager: Although it requires a seperate art program.
29 May 16:07:27
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