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On the current state of piq

Hello everyone,

The past months have been a difficult time for the people behind piq.
But before I jump to the details let me begin by telling you that I’m really sorry for the amount of neglect that piq has experienced in the past. You are a lovely bunch of people and deserve so much better than this! So this post is a first step into more dedication from my side.

To give you some information about the present state, let’s start with the past – with the beginnings of this platform. The founding team was formed by Alex, Tom and me, Daniel.
Right after our studies (MSc in Artificial Intelligence) we formed a consultancy company (Codeus) to offer supposedly intelligent software to people who might need that sort of stuff. We were hoping it would be quite a lot of people, but they weren’t that convinced yet.
However this was not the only stuff that interested us.
We (especially Tom) were quite intrigued by the idea to help express creativity using technology and we were experimenting with plenty of ideas.
So one day back in the summer of 2010 we decided that the world needs an online pixel-art drawing app and of we went! Tom was working on the drawing app itself, and I had a great time learning everything about web development necessary to set up the first prototypes of piq.
As the interest grew, so did the features. And soon we had a lovely little community that was a pleasure to be a part of. And so we made sure that next to our consultancy work we always left some time to continue working on and with piq.

But our little company wasn’t meant to last. The three of us were very enthusiastic about technology, but none of us actually knew how exactly to run a company. We managed to survive, but not by too much. So in order to gain experience in different settings first Alex, then I decided to join more professional companies while Tom continued his PhD.

That means that since 2012 Codeus is practically out of business and the founders all have their full-time jobs that leave little room for projects like piq.
This is also true for me. I decided to go to Berlin to join a tech-startup. I’ve learned an incredible amount about modern web development and how business actually works. But this type of work also is fairly demanding, and the little free time that I have left, I prefer spending with friends rather than in front of a screen.

So here we are. While my ambitions to be actively fostering the piq community are very large, the reality is a different one. I am aware that piq’s technology is quite outdated, and needs some work (I guess this would make good topic for the next post), but more importantly the community should know that there are people that take care of their issues and keep this site alive. Here I certainly want to (and need to) improve myself.

Some steps towards this goal:
I will make sure that for next couple of months there will be a contest topic. (this already is on a good track!)
I will engage more with the community and make sure that I understand the current trends and problems
I will start evaluating which features are urgently required and how piq can be transferred to a more modern technology to improve maintainability, reliability and user experience.

Alright then, to me this sounds like an acceptable outcome of this post.

I certainly want to thank you for your support and kind words that have driven me to this post, and I am sure that piq will be a better place to be quite soon :)

23 February 2014 22:02


yay news
PikachuJT630, 23 February 2014 22:11
are we still getting moderators?
PikachuJT630, 23 February 2014 22:18
Moderators are definitely on the agenda, but it's an issue that's not too trivial to implement, so I don't think it's gonna be one of the first things on the roadmap.
Daniel, 23 February 2014 22:23
we needed this. there are a few things i myself and most likely a few others would like just for a heads up

-The ability to delete comments again. (We used to be able to do this but for some reason not anymore.)

-The ability to block and unblock people.

-the ability to save layers when working with a piq

-and a few others anyone else would like to add to this list.

thanks for taking your time to read
FurryRaver4life, 23 February 2014 22:25
Also, I dont know about other people but id like to be notified when others comment on a news entry.

I dont know why but it feels weird when I dont.
FurryRaver4life, 23 February 2014 22:28
its great to know that you guys have become quite successful in your lives
its good to hear that you will be on piq every once in a while
i wish you good luck in life :D
creeperslayer098, 23 February 2014 23:33
a pixel video program

caleb7447, 24 February 2014 00:01
we would also like a piq app for iOS and Android
PikachuJT630, 24 February 2014 00:03
[this comment was deleted]
Pikalink5, 24 February 2014 00:08
we need piq on the go too and on a video game
CountingStars, 24 February 2014 00:09
Guys, we can't expect too much right now. As we read, they all have other things to do and they're still working on the website. We can't expect them to fix the site, add a bunch of new features, AND develop an app.
Pikalink5, 24 February 2014 00:09
And make a videogame? wat.
Pikalink5, 24 February 2014 00:10
PikachuJT630, 24 February 2014 00:10
a videogame? i dont really get that
PikachuJT630, 24 February 2014 00:11
You can save piqs as WIPs so piq on the go doesn't make sense either.
Pikalink5, 24 February 2014 00:11
it would take a few years to do all of that tho
PikachuJT630, 24 February 2014 00:15
I've tried some pixel art apps on my(my dad's)iphone and it's really really hard to draw ._.
emeraldsword11, 24 February 2014 01:39
PikachuJT630, 24 February 2014 01:42
Typhlosion51, 24 February 2014 04:13
Although I don't really have any suggestions on how to make piq a bit better, I am glad to see piq getting some attention. ^.^
Faefae529, 24 February 2014 07:04
Yeah, my head is full of really cool ideas on new features as well. But yes. Pikalink is right. We should focus on the smaller issues with high impact first. FurryRaver' list certainly is a good starting point!
Daniel, 24 February 2014 11:20
It would be so cool if you could click on the number of likes on a piq and have a list of users who liked it! Like on Instagram! Could you do that Daniel?
pixelartist98, 24 February 2014 11:42
Well could you guy's make it to were you can flag a piq if it's nasty or evolve sexual content
Dudelston01, 24 February 2014 14:45
Yessssss updates!!! -flails- I was gone for the weekend (couldn't get on the computer D:) I'm really glad that piq will be getting some attention again, though. I've only been on piq for about 5 months, but I love it cx Hoping for the best!
gummibearzrule, 24 February 2014 16:24
I'm happy that your lifes are going great :D And that you're going to do some update :D OMG This is going to be amazing ;D
Lelouch-Lamperouge, 24 February 2014 17:11
This clears up some things. Thanks, Daniel. Sounds pretty cool and sad and happy and everything all in one. This is awesome. Thank you.
iopl3887, 24 February 2014 19:07
yay news finaly (not logged in)
由 某人, 25 February 2014 20:46
:) Issues that I would absolutely LOVE to have addressed.
- Flagging/Report system.
- Clicking to find who liked your PIQ.
- Saving Layers on a piq. (PLEASE SO MUCH YES.)
- The ability to customize our page a little more. (Possibly have a couple preset layouts? I know I'd love to be able to display more piqs and have a bigger about me page and whatnot.)

Again, I have e-mailed you again and I would love to be able to assist if possible. :)
Xearta, 26 February 2014 19:04
HeroBrine is watching you, 26 February 2014 21:12
yay posts:P
Tiok1, 26 February 2014 21:31
yay tecnologie!
Disc, 27 February 2014 00:55
Good luck with everything, it's no easy task to keep up with a site, but it's worth it. Piq is great
Sadly since I have no pc now and are stuck to a mobile, I can't draw much anymore. Maybe In the future you can make a app version with piq gallery upload capabilities?
Vault, 27 February 2014 17:02
I see someone mentioned the app idea before me, so it's got demand! I think it'd be a great idea.
Other than that, and maybe animation ability, I'm not sure of anything else I'd love to see.
For animation, it'd be great to have onion layers.
Vault, 27 February 2014 17:06
a bug and an idea:
if u add a layer, then use "Ctrl Z" which will undo ur last edit it will erase ur piq, this really aggravates me.

if someone spams it will able u to scroll to the right so, if u could add some way of shortening stuff like, if a comment is longer than 25 word then a button would appear, it would say "click for more" and if u clicked it it would lengthen the comment to its full length.
this might confuse people. :P
caleb7447, 28 February 2014 16:54
Here's an idea. How about a set of rules or an age restriction? Maybe better filters?
Spy Crab, 04 March 2014 12:53
And custom eraser like the custom brush. Sometimes there are hard to reach places :P
Spy Crab, 04 March 2014 13:01
Could it be possible to add a feature that lets you block anonymous people from commenting on your stuff?

There has been this "Someone" that keep commenting on my wall with very inappropriate and offences things.

Id also like to add to Spy Crabs suggestion of better filters to not only make more specific filters (I.E General,Mature,Adult) but maybe make it so everything is blocked? For instance when you mark a Piq inappropriate you cant see the picture but you can still see the thumbnail in the feed and the description/comments of this piq.

just suggesting..
FurryRaver4life, 05 March 2014 06:56
I vote for moderators who can remove erotic/innorpriorite piqs and whatnot. Of course the piq community would vote on these mods, and the mods would have to be able to do their job without bias (this is hard to find people like this, especially with the younger audience on piq.)
Xearta, 10 March 2014 17:38
Nice to see you around.
Yes, jobs can be that demanding, i know that from first-hand experience.
And many thanks for your feedback.
Good luck in your future projects.
jmgandalf, 13 March 2014 14:36
Xertea, erotic/inappropriate piqs are allowed here, as long as it is marked inappropriate to young users. Mods would not remove it, that would be removing peoples genuine work. They would just mark it as inappropriate.
Pikalink5, 13 March 2014 14:39
Personally I don't think you should update it! I like the fact that it has the old website type of feel and it really brings out the website. I really would hate to see this turn into a piece of crap.
drjoe09, 01 April 2014 15:57
@drjoe09: Stuff on piq gets a little bit boring after a while and there are sometimes bugs and glitches,so updates are kind of better for the site.

@TyTy21: We really need to block/ban you if the site had that feature T_T
emeraldsword11, 02 April 2014 01:45
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