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share the love + improved branching view

Dear piqers!

We just have enabled a small feature that might have a big impact! Have you ever wanted to walk around down town and finding someone who loved your pixel art so much that he is walking around with a t-shirt with your piq on it!?
I am happy to announce that this can become reality! In the user settings you now can allow others to print your piqs. Just follow this link and share the love:http://piq.codeus.net/user_settings

On other news I have been working on an improved way of displaying how a piq has been branched and how it has developed. If a piq was branched you can find a link "show branch tree".
It's not too much of tree yet, and it doesn't look too good in some cases, but it definitely helps getting a quick grasp of how a piq developed. My personal favourite so far is this one:http://piq.codeus.net/show_branch_tree/9999

Hope you like it!
07 November 2011 00:00

poll: do you want allow others to have your piqs on their shirts?

results so far:

hmm... no. I'd like to keep my piqs for me.
not sure yet....


Wow, thanks for the favorite Daniel! that mushroom tree is really big!
by wolfgirl456, 07 November 2011 01:52
It was sad though that mine (original) wasn't as popular as coolmans. (copy) :P
by wolfgirl456, 07 November 2011 01:53
hey What about that "may cause impact for young users" flag? I think it's a nice improvement to PIQ but how that's going to work? People just have to agree with the risks to see it?
by ponei666, 07 November 2011 04:34
We're going to introduce moderators that will flag piqs that have not been flagged correctly by their artists
by Daniel, 07 November 2011 20:08
hkdng hufs g rts uhbhj
by jose_otro_corte, 08 July 2012 19:20
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