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piq went down :(

Hello dear piqers!

I am really sorry for the black out the last couple of days. I was on a Holiday with my parents and as it had to happen just in that period the server went quite mad. Unfortunately there was not much I could do in the Scottish Highlands...

However, I am back now and I tracked down a nasty memory issue in the site's template system. So, fingers crossed, it should work now! I hope you could enjoy your holiday from piq as well and you are now full of energy to keep rocking on this site!

21 October 2011 14:59


thanks for getting it back on again! ;D
by wolfgirl456, 22 October 2011 00:25
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TotallyTotaled: does piq still crash at the same time?
21 January 04:11:52
TotallyTotaled: does piq still crash at the same time?
21 January 04:11:42
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