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piq contest

piq contests are weekly events to give you the chance to show your fellow piqers you pixel art skills on a specific topic! the contest is separated into two phases:

the drawing phase

every registered user can draw as many piqs as he wants and put them into the contest. there are two ways for putting a piq into the contest. you either click the "draw" button on the current contest page or you click on a piq that you have drawn this week between monday and friday and you'll find an option called "enter piq into compition" in the options-menu. the piqs entered into the contest should correspond to the keyword which is chosen by the admins. if you have suggestions for a contest topic, feel free to contact the admins via the feedback button to the left.

the voting phase

the voting phase starts on saturday at 0:00 GMT and ends on sunday 23:59 GMT. Every registered user now has the chance to vote. the voting procedure is very easy. you are shown two piqs of the contest and have to decide which piq you prefer. you should not just consider the artistic value of the piq but also how well it fits the topic of the contest. each user has as many votes as there are piqs in the contest.

the rating

the ranking is based on the elo rating system which is commonly used for rating chess players. each piq starts with a rating of 1600. during the voting two piqs are presented to the user which is treated like a game of the two piqs. that is, there is winner who gains rating points and a loser that loses rating points. if both piqs have the same rating the winner will get about 20 points and the loser will lose 20 points. if the loser has a considerably higher rating than the winner, then the winner will get much more than 20 points. if the winner has a much higher rating however, the gain in points is not as high.

contest winners

won by pocket_nine9s
won by BlackDragon
won by romullotwo
won by Kgustafso
Under the Sea
won by ferdiferrah
won by CloudCharger
won by CloudCharger
won by Tom
won by BlackDragon
Self Portrait
won by flippy13
won by CloudCharger
artist's tools
won by romullo
won by BlackDragon
won by CloudCharger
four colour grey-scale
won by BlackDragon
won by pocket_nine9s
won by GoldCrown
won by derlanalmeida
won by BlackDragon
won by Tom
won by pocket_nine9s
won by pocket_nine9s
pushing pixels
won by pocket_nine9s
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