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FurryRaver4life: Through email -Mod
17 March 23:46:58
SadFrog: We need to find their e-mail or phone number.
17 March 23:46:27
SadFrog: It is pointless. The administration does not visit the site, how will they see the feedback?
17 March 23:45:59
blademew: my cursed image catz was uploaded like an hour before the meltdown so i may have caused this
17 March 23:39:24
someone drew
17 March 22:24:37
SomeRandomPigeon: to notify us if the end of Piq is really true or not. We deserve to know...
17 March 21:27:37
SomeRandomPigeon: I tried contacting them through the feedback button to see if they can create a news message
17 March 21:26:57
romiso2 signed up to piq
17 March 21:25:10
SomeRandomPigeon: i cri... ( ;n;)
17 March 21:22:41
17 March 21:05:39
someone drew
17 March 20:49:47
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