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pee: whats up
04 March 22:42:53
dafunkyemo: fish play his guitar.
04 March 22:42:49
dafunkyemo: Exotic, ive gone their many times before. all thats happeed is we talk about shit and listen to Star
04 March 22:42:44
ExoticStyles: cause im a moderator i have the right
04 March 22:42:28
Tamashii_Akuma commented on
04 March 22:42:26
katisuke commented on
04 March 22:42:13
pixelartist98: Jesus Christ you are a moron ExoticStyles
04 March 22:41:53
04 March 22:41:47
pee drew
04 March 22:41:36
pixelartist98: That is my video streaming link. Not porn.
04 March 22:41:17
ExoticStyles: he wants u to enter ur full name and email dont do it
04 March 22:41:13
04 March 22:40:56
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