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Lemmino Pixel: You fucking beta male
22 March 00:17:00
Lemmino Pixel: And i'm going to fucking end it, shut the fuck up.
22 March 00:13:05
SomeRandomPigeon: me too loganberry
21 March 23:32:56
21 March 23:29:18
21 March 23:18:31
Pandacake: Shut the fuck up and stop starting shit
21 March 23:03:02
Pandacake: Oh my god Lemmino
21 March 23:02:38
21 March 23:01:30
theloganberrypiq: someone notify me when this gets fixed cause i still love this site and ill still use it
21 March 22:42:45
21 March 22:17:54
gibit signed up to piq
21 March 22:05:17
Lemmino Pixel: panda you fucking orbiter incel cuck
21 March 21:41:45
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