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PRINCESSCRT: ok i will btw i did not mean to send that last message!
17 September 04:31:46
Spy Crab: Oh lord. It's the talking ad.
17 September 04:31:19
PRINCESSCRT: so you don't don't like me?
17 September 04:31:08
17 September 04:30:55
FurryRaver4life: Theres so much bullshit in this world and not enough people to smack some sense into
17 September 04:30:43
PRINCESSCRT: *neither sorry!
17 September 04:30:41
PRINCESSCRT: so you don't like me or you just niether?
17 September 04:30:27
Spy Crab commented on , , , , dafunkyemo's shoutbox,
17 September 04:30:12
17 September 04:28:48
Lemmino Pixel: Thanks for subscribing
17 September 04:28:25
17 September 04:28:16
gummibearzrule: I can't think of more than 7 people that to
17 September 04:28:05
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