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Grogramn: tell them you are pregnant and cant do the test.
26 January 16:28:13
Grogramn: good luck!
26 January 16:27:45
FurryRaver4life: im gonna dieeee
26 January 16:27:40
Grogramn: the major teams, including patriots and sea hawks play.
26 January 16:27:00
26 January 16:26:40
Grogramn: half-game show is a nation-wide sensation where they put on a show for the audience.
26 January 16:26:31
FurryRaver4life: 5% of that*
26 January 16:26:24
FurryRaver4life: i need the grade though.. I have an A in this class but my finals count for % percent of that
26 January 16:26:16
Grogramn: super bowl, one of the biggest entertainment and sport events in america.
26 January 16:26:04
26 January 16:26:03
26 January 16:25:47
Grogramn: spit on your teacher in the face and run away to fight another day!
26 January 16:25:40
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