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26 May 15:56:32
someone drew
26 May 15:43:45
Suicu: slides into them DMs
26 May 15:15:29
lunageek520: I just want this thing to work. hopefully it'l be ready by the end of the day...
26 May 14:36:25
3002727: Okay, cool..
26 May 14:33:43
lunageek520: I might collab...
26 May 14:31:54
3002727: Once the server stops being a biatch, does anyone wanna collab?
26 May 14:22:10
lunageek520: first time it's happened to me...
26 May 14:19:53
3002727: Screw you Cherrypy, now is not the time to get errors
26 May 14:19:45
Jo-Jo: Really often
26 May 14:19:31
Motionve1953 signed up to piq
26 May 14:14:47
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