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Zebedeyclick: Gimme appppppp ;m;
02 September 05:28:29
_FrenchFry_: They should make it so u can draw on mobile, even offline
02 September 05:28:22
Zebedeyclick: Need a frecking app.
02 September 05:28:03
_FrenchFry_: I cant do it, i dont know enough obj-c
02 September 05:27:45
Zebedeyclick: But you can't draw
02 September 05:27:43
Zebedeyclick: Actually, I am on mobile right now...
02 September 05:27:31
Zebedeyclick: YAS DO AN APP
02 September 05:27:11
02 September 05:26:50
_FrenchFry_: Does anyone agree that they should make piq for mobile?
02 September 05:26:29
gummibearzrule: im turning 14 in.....next july ;-;
02 September 05:26:18
Lieutenant Disaster: I'm turning 14 in November. I'm a big girl nao :B
02 September 05:26:05
gummibearzrule: I wasn't sure if you'd clicked on it once or not, some people do, I didn't mean it like that
02 September 05:26:04
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