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jamkitty4: ehh nothings wrong for me I just can't click on piqs, but I can foolllow notifications and stuff
27 May 20:31:16
3002727: Eh, whatever, I guess I can survive without piq for one day
27 May 20:17:50
27 May 20:07:37
3002727: Screw it I can't even delete my own piqs due to the b*tchy server
27 May 20:06:25
someone drew , ,
27 May 20:01:30
pinkloliaplaca: Oh I see
27 May 19:25:32
27 May 19:21:56
Jo-Jo: -ll have to wait a couple of days or something.
27 May 19:21:45
Jo-Jo: Okay, so it's clearly piq not the computer so I guess we
27 May 19:21:26
pinkloliaplaca: Is it me or piq is not working for me? I can't click my or any other piq...I keep getting 500 errors
27 May 19:20:24
Jo-Jo: I can't click on piqs either, they won't load.
27 May 19:17:24
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