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someone drew
24 March 04:21:39
asfasdqs signed up to piq
24 March 03:34:50
Lemmino Pixel branched from ,
24 March 02:57:28
24 March 02:57:27
akbarmaulana, yujhtyj all signed up to piq
24 March 02:23:29
Lemmino Pixel: Are you pansies done? Did I make my point across?
24 March 01:54:45
Lemmino Pixel: Just move the fuck on with your life and enjoy.
24 March 01:46:03
Lemmino Pixel: Shit, maybe it takes a pessimist for an optimal situation.
24 March 01:45:41
Lemmino Pixel: Thinking that everything will be okay.
24 March 01:44:55
Lemmino Pixel: Because they say shit that doesn't make sense and is based off of pure la-di-da feelings
24 March 01:43:53
Lemmino Pixel: People who try to slander me are people who've never been through a gruesome situation
24 March 01:42:08
Shikayeeeey drew ,
24 March 01:40:29
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