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3002727: God, I'm so bored~ there's no point in posting any art, because no one can see it
27 May 16:44:53
DanTreeBow: Yup. The process is simple, if a link is posted, the comment is deleted
27 May 16:42:34
3002727: Oh, really?
27 May 16:41:50
DanTreeBow: No it is automatic
27 May 16:41:13
3002727: Yeah, just noticed, maybe a mod is around...
27 May 16:40:40
27 May 16:39:04
DanTreeBow: They are being deleted
27 May 16:38:44
3002727: These bots are seriously pissing me off.
27 May 16:32:15
3002727: ...parts of the site to break, and others to stay the same.
27 May 16:29:05
3002727: My theory is that when attempting to add an update, they left out an important step, causing...
27 May 16:28:47
3002727: I personally feel like there isn't anything "making" the error
27 May 16:27:52
someone drew ,
27 May 16:17:44
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